Travel Destinations for 2020: 7 Cities You Should Avoid

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

They seek to enjoy the beauty of a place that is one of the earth’s natural wonders. However, beaches are having more garbage and the island is not being able to get rid of all the waste, which eventually destroys its natural beauty.

The Indonesian government has declared a war on garbage by banning disposable plastics and wants to impose a $ 10 per visitor tourist tax to deal with over-tourism and to preserve the island’s natural beauty before it is too late. That’s why you should not consider these travel deals next year – Bali needs to breathe again!

#3 – Galapagos Island, Ecuador

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The Galapagos Islands are a volcanic archipelago of the Pacific Ocean. They are considered one of the most unbelievable wonders of the world, especially for wildlife viewing. Speaking of the Galapagos is to speak of a World Heritage and, of course, giant tortoises, among other magnificent creatures!

You can find cruise ships and cheap flight tickets to visit Galapagos Island which makes this region attract more and more tourists.

Normally, people go to travel sites to book their holidays, but you can ask for help from an online travel agent or travel advisor who prepares everything that is related to your trip: Booking your flight ticket, taking care of your travel insurance, among other travel bureaucracies.

However, to limit the number of tourists visiting the island, the Galapagos are considering increasing the tourism rate over the number of nights tourists spend in Ecuador – visa is always the best travel credit card to use for payments in international travel. This is a measure aimed at limiting the entry of more people to the island next year.

#4 – Hanoi Train Street, Vietnam


In Vietnam, there is a railroad connecting Hanoi with HaiPhong and part of the route goes through a narrow street in Hanoi’s old quarter: Train Street. This place is ideal for people who like to wear on the best travel backpack, use the camera and discover new experiences like an overseas adventure travel.

Hanoi Train Street is known for houses and shops along the railway line and brings together thousands of tourists looking to take perfect photos for social media of the moment the train is passing through the houses (only two times a day).



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