Here 10 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In America


Last Updated on October 16, 2019

Here 10 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In America©

No one can deny the fact that America is a country built for driving. In fact, there are about 2.7 million miles of roads. Hence, with many routes to drive in, you can be sure that some of these roads are definitely less safe than others.

So, If you have an adventurous soul with an addiction to risk-taking, then, you might find it really interesting to know about these terrifying yet thrilling roads in the United States!

#1 – The Dalton Highway In Alaska

The Dalton Highway In Alaska


This road is one of the most dangerous roads in the U.S! It is a 400 miles road that stretches through tundras, forests, and the Yukon River. There are basically only three towns along the route. Even worse, the road contains no restaurants, hotels, gas stations, or any other basic services.

No wonder why it is also considered as the most isolated road in the country! So, if you decide to take this driving adventure, pay attention to the warning signs of avalanches and steep grades along the route!

#2 – I-15 Nevada

I-15 Nevada


This is a 181- mile road that was ranked to be the deadliest road in the United States in 2010! This Nevada road starts in Primm, running through sin city and crossing Arizona’s border.

According to one study, more than 1069 people have actually died in the last 15 years. Unfortunately, most of the traffic fatalities can be attributed to alcohol-impairment, excessive speed, and many other factors.

#3 – The Million Dollar Highway In Colorado

The Million Dollar Highway In Colorado

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The stunning Million Dollar Highway, which is also known as U.S. 500 could be America’s most beautiful yet most dangerous road. According to the local folklore, the road was named by an early traveler who said that they would only ride on this road if they get one million dollars!

This road runs for 550 miles and traverses three-10,000 foot mountains, hairpin curves, and steep cliffs. What’s even scarier is that the weather in this particular area is harsh and highly unpredictable!

#4 – Highway 2 In Montana

Highway 2 In Montana

© An Outside Chance

Driving in Montana is quite impossible! In fact, it is considered among the most dangerous states in America to drive in and that’s mostly because of the excessive speed of the drivers and the very long stretches it has between towns.

For example, in case an emergency takes places, the ambulance would need an average of 80 minutes to arrive at the scene of the accident. However, Washington state has recently spent about $60 million in order to make the road safer for drivers.

#5 – The I-45 in Houston, Texas

The I-45 in Houston, Texas

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Two years ago, Interstate 45 was ranked as the second deadliest road in the United States and that’s for a reason! In fact, this goes back to many factors, including, the road itself, inclement weather, and drunk driving wrecks.

Looking at fatal crashes that occurred from 2011 to 2015, analysts found that the highway average fatal accidents is 56.5 per 100 miles of roadway, according to a report.

#6 – I-10 in Arizona

I-10 in Arizona

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Like many other roads on this list, I-10 in Arizona, which is a 150-mile road that runs through Phoenix to California border, is definitely not a safe highway to drive in. In fact, it was ranked as America’s 100 deadliest highways and most dangerous road in Arizona state.

Sadly, many people have lost their lives while driving on this road. For instance, just in one single year, more than 85 deaths were reported!

#7 – Interstate 4 in Florida

Interstate 4 in Florida

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Recently, This 132- mile roadway was ranked as the deadliest in the U.S. Many fatal car accidents occurred where many people have breathed their last. According to a survey, 1.41 deaths were reported per one single mile during the last six years.

#8 – Highway 1 in Florida

Highway 1 in Florida

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According to a recent report, this roadway is the most dangerous in the entire country and that’s due to the high rate of the crashes and road fatalities it has experienced in the last 10 years. In fact, the report reveals that more than 1079 perished while driving along the road.

#9 – Interstate 285 in Atlanta

Interstate 285 in Atlanta

© GAFollowers

Georgia is the 7th worst state for fatal car crashes and accidents. What makes it deadly dangerous are its heavy traffic, sharp turns, and interchanges. And that’s in addition to huge tractor trailers that drive along the highway!

According to a report published in 2013, 3.5 fatal accidents occurred in every 10 miles and caused many deaths and damages.

#10 – US-83


© Wikipedia

It can be really fun to drive along this roadway because it begins right from the Canadian border and runs through Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, The Dakotas, and all the way down to Mexico.

US-83 is said to be dangerous for a reason and according to the revealed records 26 fatal car crashes took place every single year for the last past 10 years, which is really horrible!



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