Here Are The Salaries Of 12 World Leaders (You Will Be Shocked!)

The discussion of salaries is everyone’s favorite, kind of like two little girls talking about their favorite features of their dolls: It is interesting!

Just like any other working individual, presidents and prime ministers also have salaries that will help support them during and after their presidential period. Luckily, the amount of money they earn yearly is not a secret to the public, and trust us, you really want to know them.

If you think you are not getting paid enough or you deserve more, then let us tell you that what you earn in a month is way too high than what Donald Trump makes in a year, can you believe it? Meanwhile, his colleagues from different countries are basically earning a number that we can’t really call “modest”.

So, if you are interested to know who makes more money than the leader of the United States, then you should definitely continue reading.

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