Here Are The Salaries Of 12 World Leaders (You Will Be Shocked!)

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Salary: $198,500 per year

Who runs the world? Oh, sorry… Who runs the UK? A brilliant lady who is capable to rule the country in a strict manner and her name is Theresa May. This woman is the Prime Minister who annually earns $198,509 yearly ($544 daily and $16,542).

But here is a quick fact about Theresa May that has nothing to do with politics: She is a huge fan of shoes. She has an unbelievably large collection of them, and each pair is kept in a transparent box so she wouldn’t be wasting too much time looking for the shoes she needs to wear… smart move!

Anyway, the United Kingdom’s minimum monthly wage is $1,569.


President of France: Emmanuel Macron

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Salary: $211,500 per year

In case you didn’t know, Emmanuel Macron is the youngest president of France, and his salary is $17,628 a month ($211,530 a year and $580 a day).

Before Macron started his political career, he used to be extremely successful in the banking industry. In fact, he was known as the “Mozart of Finance”. His commissions are over $1 million every year, and that’s what we call a real success!

However, France has a minimum monthly wage of $1,758.



Jimmy Morales: The President of Guatemala

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Salary: $231,000 a year

If our president used to be a smart businessman, then Guatemala’s current president used to be an actor and comedian. He earns $19,300 a month ($231,000 a year and $634 a day), making him the highest-paid leader in all of the Latin American countries.

However, Jimmy Morales is a man who knows and feels the struggle of his citizens. So right after he became a president, he kept on his promise by fulfilling a campaign and giving away 60% of his salary to a charity that really needed the money.

Guatemala’s minimum monthly wage is $200.


Chancellor of Germany: Angela Merkel

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