Here Are The Salaries Of 12 World Leaders (You Will Be Shocked!)

Last Updated on January 7, 2021



President of the Swiss Confederation: Doris Leuthard

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Salary: $437,000

First of all, it’s important to explain that the position of the Switzerland’s president is nothing but formal. They elected one person from the ministers for only a one-year term. Doris Leuthard is holding the presidential post for the 2nd time, and she earns $36,000 monthly ($437,000 yearly and $1,200 daily).

The salary of the president equals all the ministers’ salaries, and the minimum wage in a gorgeous country is not limited by law, except Canton of Neuchâtel, which is $20 per hour. It means a regular employee in an 8-hour job would earn $160 daily.


Prime Minister of Singapore: Lee Hsien Loong

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Salary: $2.2 million a year

In Singapore, the way people get elected is a little different than other countries:

Lee Hsien Loong got this post by inheriting from Lee Kuan Yew, his father who made a rapid start on the Singaporean economics.

The son was capable to continue on his father’s path and lift the country even higher, which is understandable to know he has the highest salary among all world leaders: $147,000 monthly, $2.2 million yearly, and $7,350 daily.

The total budget of the government of Singapore (includes 31 people) is $53 million annually. The salary of Lee Hsien Long used to be higher, but because of a few popular discontent, it decreased by 36%. But he still earns more than the leaders of Austria, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, and Russia altogether.




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