This Is What $300,000 Can Buy You Around The World

This Is What $300,000 Can Buy You Around The World© Brightside

Have you ever traveled to a new country and fell completely in love with it that you decided to move there? I believe that many of us have experienced that feeling and sometimes we start to actually see how much we have in our savings to see if it is possible.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming to have a new life in a different country. In fact, it is a very exciting and courageous thing to do, and if you have $300.000, then your dream can become reality in its best forms because you won’t believe what these dollars can purchase in other countries.

Just get ready to pack all your belongings and book a flight to the destination where your life is going to change forever.

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Mäntyharju, Finland — $298,530 (€269,000)

Mäntyharju, Finland

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What about a wooden house with nature surrounding it from all angles? It is a big house that is located on the shores of Lake Kallavesi. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a big living room where you can relax not believing that you are now living in Finland.

If that’s not where you want to do that then you can do it in the sauna or on the large terrace.

– A detached garage
– Log cabin with fireplace
– A large Terrace
– A sauna
– 2 bedrooms, kitchen,
– 1 bathroom, and living room



Santorini, Greece — $288,545 (€260,000)

Santorini, Greece

© Imgur

Santorini is the city of all fantasy lovers and sea adventurers. This city, or let’s say, this country owns the hearts of anyone who visits it. It is very beautiful that you will almost feel like you are walking on a cloud, and owning a house there would truly be a dream.

So, if you are into the Cycladic architecture and you have $288,545 to spare, then this is totally the house for you. It is located in the village of Emborio where you can view the mountain of Elijah the Prophet and the Aegean Sea right from the house.

– 1 bedroom
– 1 bathroom, kitchen
– dining room
– a separate shower



Sosúa, Dominican Republic — $289,970 (€261,285)

Sosúa, Dominican Republic

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In the Dominican Republic, you will make the best deal of your life with $289,970. You will be able to purchase a villa with a swimming pool, that’s right! Not only that, it is also 300m away from the sea.

The house is located in a prestigious settlement, and it is luxurious as eff! You will enjoy the centralized air-conditioning system all you want. I was going to say that this house is perfect for summer vacations, but it is actually perfect for all seasons, seriously!

– 3 bedrooms, a large kitchen.
– Living room.
– A separate dressing room .
– Laundry room.
– Centralized air-conditioning system.
– 3 bathrooms.
– Parking.
– Garden.
– Swimming pool.



Saint Petersburg, Russia — $298,835 (€269,275)

Saint Petersburg, Russia

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What about going a little old school in Russia? That amount of money can buy you a big house with –kind of- historic architecture and a swimming pool in the ground floor, which makes it perfect for families.

This beautiful property is located in Petrodvortsovy District in the village of Strelna. You may want to pack more coats and blankets, though, because the cold in Russia is not a joke.

– 3 bedrooms.
– One bathroom.
– Dressing room.
– Living room.
– Two balconies.
– A swimming pool on the ground floor.
– Close to ancient parks and the Gulf of Finland.



Lagos, Portugal — $277,445 (€250,000)

Lagos, Portugal

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A house that doesn’t have a beautiful view is not worth one penny, which is why this house deserves $277,445 due to its amazing location and the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal, in general, is a very beautiful country that will captivate your heart from the first second. The house is located in the resort town of Praia da Luz, which will make every day a summer vacation, even if it was raining cats and dogs outside.

– 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.
– Electric blinds.
– Built-in Bosch fittings.
– A terrace with a view of the town and the Atlantic Ocean.



Bar, Montenegro — $305,190 (€275,000)

Bar, Montenegro

© Travelask

If you have $5,000 more and you are interested to have a lot of space, then maybe you want to get on the plane that takes to Montenegro immediately. The house is very big with a huge garden and a swimming pool.

You will be able to host as many parties as you can, especially on the terrace that the house has on its roof. Plus, it is located near to the city center and the beach, which means one thing: Panoramic views.

– 3 floors.
– A Terrace on the roof.
– 3 bathrooms.
– 3 bedrooms.
– Dining room.
– A kitchen.
– A living room with a large terrace and panoramic views.
– A garden, parking space.
– a swimming pool.



Oliva, Spain — $294,090 (€265,000)

Oliva, Spain

© Imgur

Spain is a gorgeous country with a great culture that can mesmerize our souls and hearts. Living in that amazing country is a dream. I personally spent one year in there, and it was one of my greatest experiences.

The lifestyle there is great and the people couldn’t be any nicer, which is why grabbing such opportunity will be the greatest decision of your life. The house is located in San Pere, and of course, it has a swimming pool and 4 parking spaces in case you have a big family.

– A living room with a fireplace.
– 3 bedrooms.
– 2 bathrooms, kitchen.
– A garage with room for one car.
– An interior built in the Mediterranean style.
– Four parking spaces.



Los Angeles, USA — $300,000 (€270,325)

Los Angeles, USA


As we all know, buying a house in the United States cost way too much money than we can easily save.

But in case you want to move to the Hollywood city where dreams come true, then $300,000 is a good price for a house that has 3 bedrooms and a living room. It may not be as fancy as the houses we have mentioned, but it is still beautiful. The house is located in Zamora Avenue.

– A living room.
– 3 bedrooms.
– 1 bathroom.
– kitchen.
– Parking space.



Antalya, Turkey — $299,640 (€270,000)

Antalya, Turkey

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Owning a house that looks like those great villas in the movies may be hard to reach in the United States, but in Turkey, everything is possible. The house that is located in Kemer is big with enough space for a family.

So if you have $299,640, then you will have a big house, live in a gorgeous country that has a rich culture and you’ll enjoy the Turkey kitchen that is unbelievably delicious. I mean, where can I sign?

– 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
– A living room.
– A terrace.
– A sauna.
– An American-style kitchen.



Brittany, France — $295,740 (€266,490)

Brittany, France

© Taringa!

Have you ever imagined yourself living in a palace? Yes, a palace with $295,740 in the romantic country of France where you will get to eat all the cheese and the baguettes.

This palace is located in Landébia, which is a beautiful town in the northwestern of France. Are you ready to learn a little French for your new palace? You see, all that is sexy is waiting for you overseas.

– 7 bedrooms.
– 4 bathrooms.
– Living Room.
– A kitchen and dining room.
– Central heating.
– Internet connection.
– A garage.




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