This Is What $300,000 Can Buy You Around The World

Last Updated on January 7, 2021



Bar, Montenegro — $305,190 (€275,000)

Bar, Montenegro

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If you have $5,000 more and you are interested to have a lot of space, then maybe you want to get on the plane that takes to Montenegro immediately. The house is very big with a huge garden and a swimming pool.

You will be able to host as many parties as you can, especially on the terrace that the house has on its roof. Plus, it is located near to the city center and the beach, which means one thing: Panoramic views.

– 3 floors.
– A Terrace on the roof.
– 3 bathrooms.
– 3 bedrooms.
– Dining room.
– A kitchen.
– A living room with a large terrace and panoramic views.
– A garden, parking space.
– a swimming pool.



Oliva, Spain — $294,090 (€265,000)

Oliva, Spain

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Spain is a gorgeous country with a great culture that can mesmerize our souls and hearts. Living in that amazing country is a dream. I personally spent one year in there, and it was one of my greatest experiences.

The lifestyle there is great and the people couldn’t be any nicer, which is why grabbing such opportunity will be the greatest decision of your life. The house is located in San Pere, and of course, it has a swimming pool and 4 parking spaces in case you have a big family.

– A living room with a fireplace.
– 3 bedrooms.
– 2 bathrooms, kitchen.
– A garage with room for one car.
– An interior built in the Mediterranean style.
– Four parking spaces.



Los Angeles, USA — $300,000 (€270,325)

Los Angeles, USA


As we all know, buying a house in the United States cost way too much money than we can easily save.

But in case you want to move to the Hollywood city where dreams come true, then $300,000 is a good price for a house that has 3 bedrooms and a living room. It may not be as fancy as the houses we have mentioned, but it is still beautiful. The house is located in Zamora Avenue.

– A living room.
– 3 bedrooms.
– 1 bathroom.
– kitchen.
– Parking space.



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