This Is What Climate Change Is Doing To These 10 Places

This Is What Climate Change Is Doing To These 10 Places© Taringa!

After years of climate research, it became a fact that our planet is warming up and it is all because of one specific reason: Humans. Since the day people started burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and many other things. The temperatures started to rise and it has not been pretty.

This increase in temperature can cause a lot of weather disasters, like hurricanes, extreme storms, heavy precipitation, and we are all responsible for all of this.

The sad part about this is the fact that our mother Earth is getting destroyed every day while most people still think that Global Warming is nothing but a myth.

Well, there are many pieces of evidence around us and these 10 examples are only from U.S. regions because if we mentioned the whole planet, this article will be endless.

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