Top 10 Popular Airplane Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Last Updated on January 7, 2021


It isn’t easier to get drunk on a flight than on the ground

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Skipping alcohol while flying is a good idea, but it’s not because you’ll get drunk faster. In fact, that nausea/dizziness many flyers experience after having an alcoholic drink is actually caused by dehydration, which is more pronounced during cruising altitude.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid too much drinking while on a flight if you want to prevent the fatigue or dehydration that comes afterward.


Small planes are not more dangerous

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Small, private planes are actually no riskier than large, commercial aircraft because the danger or safety level has a lot more to do with the pilot rather than the plane itself. In fact, commercial propeller planes can be a few times safer than the same planes that are flown by private pilots.


You don’t really have to be wealthy to fly small

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Ready for some good news? You can actually afford flying on a small aircraft by visiting Choose the prepaid private jet card program which suits you best (Tradewind Aviation, Surf Air, JetSuiteX, etc.) and enjoy flying for about the same price as you’d pay to a typical commercial airline.

Plus, you get snacks and drinks, along with free Wi-Fi. Although it might be difficult to find a good deal on your own, it is possible.



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