10 Horrifying Plane Myths That are Actually True!


Last Updated on November 7, 2020

Not everyone likes to go on planes; however, the majority of people around the world cannot get enough of traveling. Airplane crashes are very scarce, which makes airplanes safer than cars. For this reason, and for other more, people find themselves continually browsing cheap flight and either look for cheap flights to Paris, cheap flights to London, or affordable flights to any other destination in the world, making sure to reserve the best airplane seats. However, some myths are making rounds on the internet about planes. Although the name suggests that they are not true, unfortunately, they are! In this article, we are going to tell you about 10 of these myths, and tell you exactly what they mean. Please click on the next page to find out more!

1. The Food Is Indeed Unhealthy

It is an undeniable truth the food inside airplanes is not good. Nutritionally speaking, you will not be getting much out of it. Taste-wise, moreover, it has been repeatedly reported that the food on airplanes feels stale to the taste and largely dull. This is because our taste buds get affected when we are in high altitudes. If you are planning a trip with someone that has never been on an airplane, make sure to tell them about the food there before you proceed with online flight booking.

2. Seat Selection Determines Survival

When you are on one of those many flight booking sites, you need to make sure that you choose your seat wisely before you proceed with your checkout. It has been proven that seat selection does determine your survival chances in case of a crash. One study showed that people who choose the seats in the back are 40 percent likely to survive the crash than people who want front row seats. For this reason, when you are waiting out on the best time to book international flights, make sure that you keep the optimum seat selection in mind.

3. There Might Be Broken Parts

Airplane parts are bound to need replacements, and airplane mechanics are always trying to identify defect parts and replace them. However, they do not always manage to replace everything. Moreover, planes are not entirely unallowed to fly with broken parts; in fact, they do, but only if those parts are not going to compromise the overall safety of the flight. Naturally, a flight will not be given the green light if there is a broken airplane wing—so rest assured, for you are safe.


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