10 Horrifying Plane Myths That are Actually True!


Last Updated on November 7, 2020

4. Takeoff And Landing Have The Most Danger

Statistically speaking, crashes in the aerospace business happen mostly in the three minutes after the plane has taken off or the eight minutes before the plane finally lands on the runway. To be more precise, 80 percent of crashes share that pattern. It is easy to conclude, therefore, that takeoff and landing are two of the most dangerous operations for a pilot. However, you should not be discouraged just by this. Pilots are highly trained, so keep looking for those cheap business class flights, and never let safety concerns affect your plane ticket bookings.

5. A Dead Body Is Removed Until After Landing

This might sound unfortunate, but it is very true. It is always very sudden when a passenger happens to pass away midflight, which means that there is no clear cut procedure for the crew to follow so that they can safely remove the body form the airplane. Therefore, if someone happens to die next to you, you will be stuck with that body for the remainder of the flight. Of course, the chance of someone dying next to you on a plane is very low, so just go ahead and buy plane tickets for your next flight!

6. Cremated Corpses Remains Are Common

Besides being stuck with a dead body inside the plane, it is common to fly in a plane with the remains of a cremated body in it. In addition to urns filled with the ashes of a dead person, it is common for the cargo area to hold dead bodies of people who are transported back to their home countries for burial. Don’t let this, however, put you off. Go on that cheap flight’s app and try to book a seat in the back and next to the airplane window.

7. Pilots Tend To Sleep On The Job

It is not very common for pilots to take naps on the job; however, in some countries, there are rules that control how much naps can a pilot take and for how long. The US, on the one hand, forbids such naps entirely. Canada, on the other hand, has specific rules for the practice. So, it is not a myth, and some pilots take controlled naps on the job so that they are not exhausted. It is not dangerous as you might be imagining right now, so do not let this stop you from using that cheap first class flight ticket.


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