10 Horrifying Plane Myths That are Actually True!


Last Updated on November 7, 2020

8. Cabin Crew Do Judge

You might have heard this somewhere, and it is true: the cabin crew that is responsible for your comfort do judge you based on your appearance and your behavior. The reason they do this is the fact that they want to determine who might be a troublemaker and try to signal him or her out, so that they can better tend to him or her in case the trouble does come. They are doing it, therefore, for safety reasons, and this should not stop you from going on the best plane ticket site out there and booking the flight that you need—if you are not a troublemaker, you do not have to worry.

9. Electronic Signals Can Cause Issues

This is by no means a myth. It might have taken the guise of one over the years, but it is really dangerous to ignore the pilot’s request to switch on your phone’s airplane mode. If you fail to do so, you will be the one interfering with the communication devices the pilot uses to report back to flight control. Make sure, therefore, that you are vigilant about this issue so that you and everyone on board are safe. Make your cheap flight to London, for example, worthwhile.

10. Tray Tables Are Dirty

Airplane movies show you nicely cleaned airplanes; however, if we take the tray tables as an example, we will find that they are, in reality, dirty; and this is by no means a myth. These trays are rarely cleaned between flights, and they are frequently used by passengers. Make sure, therefore, if this is your first time to keep this fact in mind. As you have seen, these are some fascinating myths about airplanes—though, in effect, they are not myths at all. We urge you, therefore, to reread the article, so that you become better acquainted with planes in general. Before you go, tell us in the comments about any other airplane myths that we might have missed in our article!



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