8 Weird Hotel Guest Requests That Were Actually Granted

Last Updated on October 14, 2020

Hotels are an essential stop for any traveler that wants to explore the world. They allow you to relax after a long flight or a busy day exploring some awesome city. Usually, booking hotels follow getting that flight ticket. Of course, some people prefer cheap hotels while others prefer the best hotels that they can find. Whatever it is, the ultimate goal is to rest. There’s a funny side to hotels, and we are going to tell you all about it. To be more specific in our description of the article, we are going to list for you a range of requests that were spoken in some hotels and that were actually granted. These requests are somewhat unusual, so make sure that you read the full article to learn all about them. Take a rest from your hunt for the best hotel prices on various online hotel booking websites, and make sure that you crack a laugh or two while reading the incidents below. Also, we urge you to send the article to your friends, especially if they are planning to go on the same trip with you. Please click next now to gain full access to the entire article!

1. A Swim with the Fishes

Apparently, booking a hotel and getting the best out of the hotel rooms is not enough for some people. There are people who actually requested a pedicure that involves dipping the feet into a water container full of fish and have them nibble at the dead skin in the person’s feet. Well, it is not every day that the staff of hotels gets such a request! Make sure you keep this request in mind next time you are planning some cheap hotel booking efforts.

2. An Igloo

This request is going to blow your mind. A man, once checked into his hotel room, requested about 20 pounds of ice to be brought for his penguins. Of course, the presence of the penguins was warranted, as there was a travel show that incorporated them. Since the hotel had many ice machines, the request was granted and the ice was brought to the bathtub of his hotel room. Make sure that you keep this in mind next time you are looking for the best hotel deals.


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