5 Common Food Mistakes Every Traveler Makes


Last Updated on February 2, 2021

•Eating in public transports: tourists usually use the public transportation network to move around the city they’re visiting. Although it is common to see people eating while riding the train, subway, or bus, some cultures consider this behavior extremely rude. Even more so if you make a mess and the food leaves a strong smell in the air. •Burping: burping after eating can either be perceived as a sign of appreciation (like in some Asian countries) or a lack of dining etiquette. •Tipping waiters: In the United States of America, tipping is “mandatory,” and waiters depend on tips. In most western countries, tips are optional, and the waiters are very grateful when they receive them. However, in some Asian countries, tipping waiters is perceived as rude because they are already paid a fair wage and think they don’t need that extra motivation to do their job properly.


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