These are the 7 Passengers that Flight Attendants Hate the Most

Last Updated on March 21, 2018


Whether it’s a short-haul or long-haul flight, being on a packed plane can be so miserable for flight attendants because of your behavior and that of other fellow passengers.

We all have annoying habits from snapping fingers when we need a drink to going into the toilet barefoot. Either intentionally or unintentionally done, you may feel like you have done nothing wrong, but you have just played on the flight attendant’s nerves. Well done!

If you have any sympathy for your flight attendants, then don’t hesitate to click on the next page to find out the 7 types of passengers that flight attendants dread most and wish they
would stop their inconsiderate and plain foolish behaviors

#1 – The Flirts

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Flight attendants just hate it. If they don’t stop you, this doesn’t mean they are having a good time listening to your stinky flirts. They are just too polite to embarrass you in public.

So, next time you feel like flirting, please remember your yucky and outrageous morning breath or always make sure to have your mouth refresher spray with you. Surely, you have no intention to make the flight attendant suffer for 12-hours flight.


#2 – The Unconcerned Parents

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It’s one of the biggest annoyances, careless parents who are aware of the safety and security procedures but just don’t apply them. An anonymous flight attendant says that many times before the plane take-off, she was really surprised and even shocked to know that many parents had little regard for the safety of their own children.

She adds that one day, while the plane was still on the taxiway, she quickly run toward a father who didn’t secure his kid with a children’s seatbelt rather held him up on his lap, only to notice another unsecured toddler crawling around on the floor. I have zero ideas why anyone would want to put their own child in such a dangerous situation, says the flight attendant.


#3 – The Picky Eaters

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It’s not the end of the world if you try to eat something out of your comfort zone, said the flight attendant. When you are onboard only two options are given vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

The menu is limited and you might end up with no choice. “We feel sorry for you but there is nothing else we can do to keep you satisfied at 35,000ft”, added the flight attendant. The only choice you end up with is to take what you get and stop being picky.

“Once, a man was raging with anger and made a huge drama letting everyone in economy know about his disdain, just because he didn’t get the meat lasagna he wanted and got the vegetarian one instead. Shouting, he thrust the plate back in my face and said: “I want Meat Lasagna”. Of course, he continued bawling while others were patiently waiting for their food.

One thing I really wish passengers would understand is that it’s always a pleasure to serve you and keep you as satisfied as possible but my fellow passenger, we don’t cook onboard but reheat the food and serve it to you. So, don’t start shouting at the flight attendant for something she has no control over, said the flight attendant.


#4 – The Ones with First-World Problems

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It’s crazy how many people are obsessed with something called “first class-cabin.” No doubt the seats are much more comfortable, the food is appetizing and even mouthwatering, and the service is just amazing but seriously if you don’t travel first class it’s not the end of the world, right? Well, it is for some people, said the flight attendant.

“Because his flight was canceled, he was put into our flight. He was given a seat on coach-class cabin as all the seats in first class were full. The man was seriously mad and even proposed 10,000USD to two people seated in first hoping that they would switch with him. I laughed politely about it as I thought he was joking but guess what the man was dead serious!”


#5 – The Snobby Drinkers

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My God, it’s really frustrating when business class passengers treat you like an expert bartender. They keep asking you for some complicated drinks and what is even worse is that they expect you to know all about it, said the flight attendant.


#6 – The Unsanitary Parents

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The flight attendant job is about keeping passengers safe, making sure they follow the security regulations and trying to make their flight comfortable and enjoyable. But some people just fail to understand that, especially those parents that don’t want to understand that their ticket doesn’t include the following service: “the flight attendant will take charge of your kid’s diaper.”

I remember once a young couple changed their baby’s diaper on the bulkhead table. Then, the mother handed me the bag with the dirty diaper and asked me to throw it away. I had no choice but to take it. I mean what else should I say? Maybe I’ve developed the habit of taking people’s trash without even thinking, said the flight attendant.


#7 – The Defensive Yellers

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Again, flight attendants are responsible for your safety. So, they have to make sure that you and everyone in the cabin are wearing your seatbelt. This means in case you were sleeping, they have to wake you up and make sure you are secured.

But when you’re not lucky enough and you wake up the wrong passenger then be ready to hear some loud yellings and shoutings that feel like a knife in your eardrums. The flight attendant said that she has experienced such situation when she gently tried to wake up an old sleeping woman in order to fasten her seatbelt.

The latter burst into yells and became extremely defensive saying something like: “It’s all about what you want! Never about what I want!’’ The flight attendant added that she had replied in her most sweet manners saying to the old woman that “I did not wake you, Madam, because I want so rather because it’s my duty to keep you safe. But if you choose not to then you are totally responsible for your choice.”



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