8 Incredible Cheapest Ways to Upgrade Your Flight


Last Updated on January 4, 2021

The flight upgrade is the ideal gift that all regular travelers look forward to receiving to have a more pleasant and comfortable flight. And there are several types of flight upgrades that most people would like to get: more space between seats inside an airplane; folding chairs; refined foods and drinks; free access to airport lounge areas; faster check-in, and many other premium perks that only business class travelers have access to. As a rule, the chances of getting a flight upgrade are very low, but throughout this article, we’ll let you know the eight incredible cheapest ways to upgrade your flight so that you have a better seat inside an airplane. These are extraordinary tips/recommendations that will make you travel with maximum comfort and convenience and in the best style.

1. Become a Loyal Customer of an Airline and Earn Points/Miles regularly

How to get a flight upgrade for free? By becoming a loyal customer of a certain airline and accumulating the points/miles that are awarded to you from your airline travel, you are more likely to get a free flight upgrade. Travelers who earn large amounts of points/miles by plane are usually the first people chosen to receive these types of offers. Although travel experts regret the devaluation of the accumulation of points/airline miles, the truth is that the main airlines still use this metric to reward the choice and loyalty of their main customers. You already know: the more money you have invested in travel and the more travel miles you have traveled, the more likely you will receive any flight upgrade, which will cause the envy of everyone who knows you.

2. An Airline Credit Card? Use and Abuse It!

Using an airline’s credit card will keep you accruing travel points/miles, including any bonuses associated with that payment method. This will make you better positioned to receive any flight upgrade that your Airline may have booked for your next plane trip, for example. Check your Airline’s flight upgrade app regularly to see whether you have been awarded any special offers or bonuses.

3. Dress Well and Be a Real Ambassador for a Given Airline

The fact that you are always elegant and dress well during your plane trips can open doors for you to the benefits/perks/flight upgrade that airlines usually offer their best passengers. This is because, in the end, it is good advertising for airlines. If elegant, glamorous, and well-dressed people travel with a certain airline, why won’t “normal” people do it? It is a way for you to be the real ambassador of your Airline and thereby attract the attention and desires of other people who want to travel as you travel.


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