6 Iconic Places To See In Ohio This Vacation

Places to see in Ohio

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

Planning to explore Ohio? You are in luck, then, because there are so many cool places to see in Ohio that will leave you in awe. This beautiful American state is the home of the best of Midwestern charm that holds a wide variety of adventurous, historical, hip, and cool experiences that will last a lifetime in your memory.  Whether you are planning to spend the entire week in Ohio or just go on a weekend getaway, there are many places where you can find arts, sports, beaches, entertainment, and tranquility to reboot yourself. Wanna find out which adventure is right for you? Keep on reading to learn everything about the best places to see in Ohio.

1. Columbus

Columbus is the state capital of Ohio, obviously, and it’s one of the most exciting and growing destinations for tourists. It’s surely one of the greatest places to see in Ohio. You can visit the Ohio Statehouse to explore the surrounding complex and see statues and commemorations of the state’s history.  Don’t forget to go downtown where you can catch a broadway show, and if that’s not your cup of tea, then you can spend your afternoon at the riverfront science complex center of Science and Industry, watching a Columbus Clippers baseball game, or cheering on the Columbus Blue Jackets NHL hockey team. 

2. Cleveland

One of the coolest places to see in Ohio is Cleveland due to its unique districts, like the Getaway District, where you can find delicious food to taste, historic architecture, and a spectacular sports complex. Of course, you can’t go to Cleveland and not explore all six floors of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You will have the chance to be around all the art scenes and iconic outfits of bands that changed the world. Carve out a little time to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art and to appreciate the various ethnic neighborhoods of the city. 

3. Cincinnati

If you want to live a few days filled with unexpected adventures, you must head to Cincinnati. This is an exciting place where you can stumble on many interesting things and meet awesome people. It’s a must to visit Fountain Square, which is considered the social hub of the city with music and outdoor dining in the summer and ice-skating in the winter. 


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