The Most Dangerous Countries Every Traveler Should Avoid


Traveling is a passion that we were naturally born with, our ancestors used to travel (on foot dragging women by their hair!) looking for the safest places and settling in a place where they think it’s best for survival.

So, before you pick your next destination, make sure it will be safe for you and your travel partners because according to Global Peace Index, there are some countries that are highly dangerous and will risk your chances of “survival” (let’s make our ancestors proud).

Side note: These countries should not be off your travel list forever, we don’t encourage that. Change happens and most of these countries are developing to better.

In any case, before you book your flight, click on Next to
discover the world’s 10 most dangerous countries


  1. I had a wonderful time in Pakistan,before Islam took over.From Lahore to Peshawar the Pakis treated me very well.Even sending a soldier to guard us on the way to the Khyber Pass.


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