8 Amazing Countries You Should Move To For Retirement


Last Updated on January 7, 2021

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The long years of hard work and lost opportunities to travel and see the world could finally be restored after retirement. So what do you think is the greatest thing to do now? Pack your stuff, pack your entire life, and move to one of the greatest countries where you can relax and live your best life.

So if that’s what you have in mind and you are thinking about relocating abroad as a retiree, the International Living’s Global Retirement Index made a list for you of the countries to seek retirement.

Not only that you are going to rest your head and enjoy your time, but your money will also go furthest. Here are the 8 amazing countries you should move to for retirement.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

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Stunning landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and mild climate are all that you need after retirement. Costa Rica offers a simple residency process and welcoming expats all year around.

Plus, you will be paid $1,000 every month from Social Security or another similar source. In general, expats enjoy a high standard of living at a small part of U.S. costs.

It is best to start looking for a swimsuit because the beaches and landscapes in that country are breathtaking and will heal every tired muscle on your body!



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In case you didn’t know, Mexico attracts more than 1M retirees to its borders every year because of its proximity to the United States. Mexico is the adventurous expats’ favorite destination because seaside leaving is basically one of the greatest pleasures, especially when you live next to friendly English speaking locals.

Moreover, the legal residents who are older than 60 receive grocery, restaurant, and airline discounts.




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The thriving economy and the breathtaking beaches capture the retirees’ interest in Panama. Not only you will live peacefully enjoying the ocean breeze that cools off the all-year hot temperature, but you will have an income of $2,000 every month to cover modest living costs.



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