6 Bad Hotel Habits YOU Should STOP ASAP

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Last Updated on March 22, 2021

Staying at a hotel is a nice relaxing experience that we all enjoy when we are on vacation, attending a wedding, or just on a quick business trip. In fact, what makes hotels different from any other type of accommodation, is that they are all for creating the best guest experience, and for that, they try to make your stay as comfortable and accommodating as possible. That being said, many of us have developed some bad hotel habits over the years, but we never tried to think deeper of them, and they often just make us look bad. Here are few bad hotel habits that you should stop Asap!

1. Asking For Early Check-In

Unless you are willing to book your room for a night earlier, asking for early check-in actually just makes it harder for the hotel staff. It is true that in some exceptional cases, the room may not have been booked for the night before and is already clean, but it is preferable to just accept the regular check-in time. Why? Because hotels want you to have the best experience staying at their establishment, and that is why the check-in/check-out system was designed in the first place. The cleaning staff has to wait for the room to be empty to clean it and get it ready for you in the best possible conditions. Asking for early check-in, will just stress the staff out, and they may not get the room perfectly ready for you. This is a very important hotel tip: if you happen to arrive early to your destination, you can just pass by the hotel and drop your luggage, and use the time left before the check-in to get a nice breakfast or coffee somewhere in town, or even at the hotel.

2. Messing With Hotel Items

Although we all find it kind of funny to just take the hotel shampoo and products or just leave the bath running more than usual, it’s, in reality, just rude and not eco-friendly. In fact, one of the things we all love about staying in the hotel is all the free stuff that comes with it, plus we can use the internet/electricity and water as much as we would like because after all, we are not the ones to pay the bills. But how about looking at the bigger picture and recalling our concerns for the environment. The less you use the daily cleaning services and other items like towels and bedding, the more you are helping the hotel in its eco-friendly efforts.


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