Weird Things You Can Do In The US & Not Get Arrested!

things you can do in the US

Last Updated on March 15, 2021

Summer isn’t that far away, which means that hibernation time is going to be over, and it will be time for some wild adventures (you can have fun and stay safe)!  Even if you can’t travel right now, you can try some fun activities to kill time and boredom, and some of the safest ones now include going on picnics, biking, running, walking, drive-in movies, camping, and boating. Not good enough for you? You want some adrenaline thrown in?  Well, I’m about to show you a list of weird (but fun?) things you can do in the US and get away with, and when I say “get away with,” I am referring to ones that you may not have known to be acceptable by the US legal system. Who knows, maybe after finding out about them, you may add these states to your list of travel destinations! Let’s get to it!

1. Driving barefoot

Got uncomfortable shoes? You can take them off and drive; it’s 100% legal in the US. It’s also safer to drive barefoot (or with socks on, it’s comfier!) than with uncomfortable shoes because you won’t be too distracted by the foot and leg pain. Just make sure to stop the car, not remove your shoes while driving! 

2. Have a pet bear

If you no longer just want a pet dog or cat and want to experience the joy of having a bear as a pet, you can move to Indiana, where owning a bear won’t cost you a fine or jail-time! It is perfectly legal in Indiana to have wild pet animals like bears, wolves, alligators, cougars, and even lions, just to name a few. But make sure your house (and your bank account) is big enough for them!

3. Walk around topless

Are you a lady who’s curious to know what it’s like to go out topless? You can do it legally in Indiana (what a fun state!), Tennessee, or Utah. There you are free to walk around naked. There, you will be free to walk around and let the fresh air in!


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