Australia’s 10 Most Unusual And Exotic Restaurants

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Last Updated on March 26, 2021

How’s your travel agenda? Already filled with awesome places to see, cultures to know, and experiences to live? Is Australia one of those amazing places you’re visiting in 2021? I really hope so because this article is just what you need if you’re a food lover! You know, Australia is full of amazing, unusual, exotic, and extraordinary restaurants. This is why it was highlighted in some magazines as one of the world’s unique dining experiences. And by unique, I mean elegant, luxurious and the kind of restaurants I want to make sure you know: unusual and exotic! So, with no further ado, grab your notebook and a pen, put on your baby bib so that drool doesn’t stain your shirt, and get ready to know Australia’s 10 most unusual and exotic restaurants.

1. Toastface Grillah

If you’re a fan of hip hop, you surely know the Wu-Tang Clan. And this Australian restaurant was named after one of the band members: Ghostface Killah. The restaurant’s specialty is grilled cheese sandwiches. Eight different types, to be more specific. But you can just enter to drink a coffee and feel inside’s mood. A curiosity, back in 2019, Ghostface Killah made a surprise appearance at the restaurant and sang some songs for everyone who was there.

2. Mundo Latin Grill and Tapas Bar

The name says it all about what they serve. You can find it in both Kingsway and Sydney. And what makes this restaurant so unusual? Consumers are given an iPad! But just to be used as a menu, where people can see a very detailed description of the dishes.

3. Lentil as Anything

This is a vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne and Sydney, and it has a very unique motto: “Pay what you can.”. This means that if you are homeless, you can enter and have a meal for free. If you’re rich, you can enter and have a meal for free. You pay whatever you want or can pay. The restaurant relies only on the generosity of people who sit to eat. Tell me, do you know any other restaurant that does this?


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