Attention: Don’t Ever Touch These 5 Things in a Hotel Room – (Especially Number2!)


Last Updated on January 8, 2019

Once you finally arrive at your destination and head to the hotel you have booked, the first thing you ever do when you get into your room is jumping on that bed and dive deep into that soft and cozy comforter!

Everything seems sparkly and clean. However, things might not be as they seem. In fact, these rooms are used by hundreds of thousands of people, therefore, they are found to be according to many investigations teeming with nasty bacteria and germs!

To maintain your own safety, click on Next page to discover 5 things you should absolutely avoid touching while in a hotel room!

#1 – The Pillowcases

The Pillowcases
© Sheraton Store

Even in your own sweet home, pillowcases should be changed every single day! So, it is no brainer that in hotels the pillowcases must be changed between one guest and the next. I mean, no need to rethink it, the bacteria, the oils, and the residue from the skin and hair care products end up on the pillowcase.

Thankfully, once you make a reservation in a hotel, motel, or any other type of accommodation, the hotel staff make sure to clean your room and change the sheets of bedding, including the pillowcases before you arrive.

However, pillowcases are still the dirtiest thing you can ever touch in a hotel room. According to an investigation by the Today show in 2014, the hidden cameras revealed a common bed-changing practice among maids.

They have done a pretty good job at changing most of the sheets but when it comes to dirty pillows, they just put them aside on the chair next to the bed while changing the sheets and then put them back again with nothing more than giving them a quick plump!

There might be no visible stains, but this doesn’t mean that a pillowcase touched by people’s saliva and sweat shouldn’t be washed!


#2 – The TV Remote

The TV Remote
© Google Play

Can you remember the last time you have disinfected your TV remote? Well, I think I know your answer. No worries, you’re not the only one. We all somehow tend to ignore this important step and guess what? People who are cleaning hotel rooms do all the same!

A microbiologist took swabs from various items that you can find in hotel rooms and surprisingly found that all the remotes in each and every room are ranked to be highly teeming with bacteria and germs.

After some analysis in the lab, the microbiologist found that remotes can actually collect all kind of gross and potentially dangerous contaminants and bacteria, including E.Coli.

The microbiologist also added that fecal contamination was also found on the remote, which can be only interpreted by the fact that someone used the restroom and obviously walked out directly from the toilet to the TV without washing their hands!

The lesson you are supposed to learn: When you are in a hotel room, don’t you ever touch TV remote before you disinfect it!


#3 – The Comforter

The Comforter
© Overstock

There are many people on this planet who act in a very weird way.For instance, they would never step into the hotel room without bringing extra blankets that they can use.

I must confess, I’m one of these people and the only reason why we would something like this is that we never feel comfortable to use those nice comforters we find in the hotel room or because of other reasons which I’m sure would make you follow our steps very soon.

CNN carried an investigation into this matter and revealed a very ugly and disgusting yet shocking fact! Comforters or bedspreads are only changed 4 times a year and sometimes they are not changed at all. So, imagine how dirty these comforters can be!

So, yes my darling, you should always put in mind that not all that glitters is gold!
Next time you are willing to book a flight ticket and go spend your holiday somewhere nice, don’t forget to take an extra clean blanket that you can use instead of that dirty one in the hotel room!


#4 – The Glasses and Mugs

The Glasses and Mugs

Seriously and with no exaggeration, you must completely avoid using those uncovered glasses you find in your hotel room unless you are given those individual cups wrapped in plastic, which most of the hotels are luckily using now! Several investigations exposed some very dirty cleaning habits of maids who were caught on hidden cameras.

Most of them would only rinse out the glasses without washing them and then wipe them with a towel, even worse, they would spray ‘’Do Not Drink’’ cleaning products to refreshen them a bit. Do yourself and your health a great favor and stay away from touching these dirty glasses!


#5 – The Phone

The Phone
© Shutterstock

Oh, yes, believe it or not, but seriously, the phone in your room service is also one of the dirtiest and most germ-filled items in a hotel room that you definitely should avoid touching!

If you feel like you must use it, you will want to clean it first with disinfecting wipes or spray first because as you might already know the phone is just so much like TV remotes. They are both most touched but unfortunately rarely involved in daily cleaning routines.

We know that no matter how hard you try, it is difficult to avoid all the germs and bacteria existing in such places like hotels but still you can be more cautious when you come in contact with these things!



  1. Th

    is is disgusting and apparently nothing can be done about it! Sad. THE EMAIL IS CORRECT!!!

  2. I agree with all these………At one Hotel we stayed at, the Bedspread smelt ultterly disgusting……..Rotten………We immemdiately called the Desk & They appoligized & sent a Clean One………Now, I disinfect everything. I take my own stuff & plastic cups, Styrofoam coffee cups…………Why in this world do They hire People to clean these Hotels, etc. without checking on them to make sure they are cleaning sanitarily? Obtrocious…………

    • The really sad part about the whole thing is you have to bring your own stuff and still get charged the high prices. Why isn’t the health department called in

  3. Most of the cleaning crew (even at High End Hotels) ARE ILLEGALS / MOST OF THEM COME FROM PLACES WHERE <> IS THE NORM. What does it make you think we would have an A Quality Service anywhere in the USA where ILLEGALS ARE Hired?

    • Avatar Charles Macaulay

      Did the Native Americans invite you here? You killed them, put them in reservations. How does that stand before the God of truth, love, justice and righteousness? “Thou shalt not covet anything that is the neighbor’s goods, lands, etc.” What will you say to the Judge of all the Earth when you stand before Him? Have you forgotten…”thou shalt love the neighbor as thyself?” “Love works no harm against his neighbor.” This is why some minorities leave the church, and why Mahatma Ghandi could not become a Christian because of what happened to him in a church in South Africa.

  4. OMG — NOT obtrocious…. Fie, Madame, but I must agree! THIS is what we get with cheap –AND lazy– help. Also, there is a severe lack of supervisory personnel to monitor these workers. Conrad Hilton would faint dead away!

    • At Hilton Garden Inn in Shreveport, LA some staff will not work more then 20 hours a week as they will lose their Gov’t benefits if they do. They have a supervisor that checks the rooms after they are cleaned but supervisor does not do the job as things are found in refer, and under bed and easy chair. Mattresses are supposed to be rotated every three months but are not. Mattresses are often stained with blood and other bodily fluids as well as pillows. And let not even speak about the kitchen. After four years of kitchen food service rep being non responsive to me and my regional supervisor I did call the State inspector in and promptly lost my job.

  5. This is so bad, I used to be a housekeeper for many years worked at the Hyatt Regency in Seatac Washington we always changed everything we cleaned our glasses sprayed the remote wiped it down disinfected the telephone wipe down the lamps lampshades it’s a shame that more hotels do not do I thorough cleaning thank you

  6. I worked at the Hyatt Regency in Seatac Washington for many years we disinfected the telephone the remote lampshades lamps changed all of the bedding bed pad pillowcases pillow covers bedspreads everything and it’s a shame that more hotels don’t do a thorough cleaning in their rooms this gives our housekeepers a very bad name and that’s a shame because there’s a lot of us out there that are very good at our job thank you

  7. This is stupid, I rent a room and according to this article I can’t touch anything in it because there are germs . NEWS FLASH there are germs on everything. GET OVER IT.

  8. I guess a hotel room is one place where being OCD is an asset.
    I clean the remote and the phone while my friends make fun of me. Just because I’m OCD doesn’t mean that the hotel room is actually clean. It’s not. And what about the carpet? I won’t walk on it in my bare feet.

  9. Avatar Bette Ward Field

    Thanks so much for the input. I will carry my Lysol and whips from now on, appreciate your comments.

  10. Yes it is true hotels are very dirty, but when you travel for work like I do. You have to stay in many of them as you might imagine. In my experience maids DONOT change pillowcases because they bring clean pillows when they clean a room. Also the remote and the phone are expected to be dirty full of germs COMMON SENSE. I would never take my own blanket to a hotel room as I would be bringing back home the germs I was trying to avoid. But we must do what we think is best for ourselves.

    Good article!!

  11. Avatar Kalimullah Farooqui

    A relative of mine told that he himself saw a butler cleaning a spot on a plate with his spit and then wiping with tissue paper in the Best Hotel of Lahore-Pakistan. I am not naming the hotel, but this is the costliest and best considered -star hotel in the city.
    Kalim Farooqui

  12. This is why I prefer to travel in my RV.

  13. So don’t touch the bed, bedding, phone, tv, the glassware, the carpet, the sink, the counters… why bother going to a hotel at all? Why not just sleep under a bridge? It would be a lot cheaper.
    This is over the top. Just take a deep whiff of the place when you get there. If it smells like death, A: find a nicer hotel and B: request fresh bedding upon arrival if you are nervous about it. Wanna go further? Then put a tissue over your finger to use the remote, use only your cell phone, and try washing your hands occasionally and I think it will be something everybody can survive. My lord….

  14. Avatar LaVerne Drommond

    When I travel I take those disinfectant wipes. I wipe down my airplane arm rests, the tray, the window and surround,the head rest and carry one to the restroom and wipe it down before using Then the hotel. The TV remote, the phone the bathroom fixtures, the bedside tables, drawer pulls, etc. I pull the bedding back to check for hair, stains smell and spray it with Alcohol. Spray, from a pump spray I bring. Sounds a little OCD but it really only takes about 10minutes. Oh, that comforter, gets a good spray as well as the pillows. Then I go to the lounge or lobby and sit a few minutes. Or have a drink! ( ;-).

  15. Hotel maids get paid peanuts. If there was any prestige or decent pay they might do more.

  16. I keep a can of Lysol spray in my suitcase, and when I check into a room, I spray the light switches, doorknobs, telephone, TV remote, bathroom fixtures, drawer pulls, and anything else I can think of. Then, although it didn’t occur to me until now that I might be sleeping on a used pillowcase, I can guarantee that the next occupant of that room won’t! Before I leave, I strip the beds and pile all the used linens (including towels and washcloths, of course) near the door. Any maid who is doing her job should be glad to find a little of it done for her, and any who isn’t will have to this time.

  17. Good grief….Get a Life!! This is assigned straight to “Junk” where it belongs.

  18. Might as well spend the night in my car!!

  19. I agree with Kevin, get over it. I have traveled in business for many years stayed in many many hotels and never got sick from any of them There are germs everywhere, you can’t avoid them. Eat properly and take care of your self and your immune system will handle the rest.

  20. You think that’s bad! Recently, at one of many free food samples spots located throughout an upscale fresh food market, I personally witnessed an old woman shuffle over to the sample and cough and sneeze directly into the basket of “goodies”! I could actually see and hear the spittle and nasal spray hit the food.. I was nauseous, but even more so when I saw unsuspecting customers dig into the goodies after the old woman moved on.

  21. have been bringing our own wipes since the 1960’s..before cells..used them even when we stopped at a pay phone, and even then, held it so it did not touch my hair!!! always did the phones and tv remote…I would not trust anyone with the safely of myself and my family…not then , and not now!! I might add, we always stayed at the best hotels.

    good article.

  22. The pillows were a surprise and I don’t agree with your premise in most cases, but you left off the most dangerous item in a hotel room which you should NEVER use under ANY circumstances. The coffee maker! You have no idea what previous guests may have put in there! It should be illegal to put them in hotels.

  23. Consider the fact that these other things aren’t cleaned and will have some kind of germs on them: wall light switches, door knobs, table and floor lamp switches, drawer pulls/knobs, refrigerator handle, microwave handle, etc. Germs are everywhere!!!

  24. Oh my goodness. How in the world have I survived all the years that I have traveled and stayed in all those filthy places? (without my lysol?)
    I must have had a guardian angel. Or perhaps a good maid?

  25. In a hotel in Montreal Quebec, a hotel that I used on a regular basis I woke up in the night after being bitten in my privates. I got up and turned on the light and looked to see what had bitten me. I managed to catch a few of the little beggars. And kept them in a glass with a lid on it. I looked at the sheets and realized they had not been changed. They were covered with hair, blood and semen. It was two in the morning, so I slept in one of the chairs in the room. I saw the manager the next morning and said that unless I was given a free room for the next 5nights I was going to notify their chain head office and the local newspaper. Not only did they comp. my room they also paid for all of my meals and booze while I stayed there. The blue ointment and the treatment I had to do to rid myself of these little critters was not one of my finer moments staying in a hotel.


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