10 Most Luxurious Yachts Ever Made

Luxury sailing yachts have always fascinated us. With their unusual design and the power in the yacht engine, we all wish to be on luxury yacht cruises someday. There are even many people who look for small luxury yachts for sale to get a taste of what it feels like to enjoy your day aboard a yacht ship.

Moreover, luxury yacht charter business is getting more and more buoyant with the increasing demand from all over the world. Luxury yacht manufacturers have been getting really creative with their designs and always try to go the extra mile in their building process.

Especially, with rich clients who don’t care about the cost, they only care about the looks. In this article, we will show you some awesome yachts that are going to leave you in a “wow!”

Otto Storck is a company in Germany specialized in manufacturing luxury yachts. Their shipyard-located in Eider River in Rendsburg- has been running ever since 1905. Nowadays, they are one of the most established luxury yacht builders in the world.

Making world renounced yachts that are well-known for their speed and outstanding creative designs. They have been making enhancements and changes over their ships since 1903, which makes them now one of the leading companies in the business.


Three-Masted Sailboats


It would be better to start our list with a little bit of historical context. About 90 years ago, the company has provided the best ships for sale. They were dubbed “Ich Verdiene” “Annemarie” and “I Earn.”

Many of these international ships were beautiful and eye-pleasing, and they may be still functional nowadays and would make awesome sailing photos. However, after almost two decades, they are mostly getting replaced by motor ships.

When motor vessels were invented, it was a turning point in the history of ships. They become able to transfer more cargo thanks to the amount of space that had increased.

Industrial Vessels


During the 50ies and the 60ies, Otto Storck then turned its focus to work on industrial vessels; which had witnessed a substantial change in their design by making them even longer and plainer. They also started making car ferries with bigger capacity. This means more people traveling by sea and more worldwide trading.

The “Berlin” Boat


Towards the end of the 20th century, ships started to gain the shape that we see today. The ship’s hole and nose went through significant changes in their design. There was an aim to manufacture heavier and larger ships that have more ability to carry cargo.

And the most revolutionary idea was to include a helicopter landing platform above the ship, which was an idea ahead of its time. They even introduced the “Berlin” boat that gained instant fame and considered by many a masterpiece. It was a cruise ship boat with 16.8 m in length.



The story has witnessed an important turn of events with Project “Tatoosh”. The project aimed at building the biggest yacht at the time. It is what took place in 2000 when the super-yacht came to life. It left everyone in a “wow” because it included features that were unusual in a yacht.

People aboard the yacht had the chance of getting a swimming pool, playing tennis, and enjoying a basketball match. Moreover, for their time of relaxation, they had an equipped sauna and a movie theater with Dolby sound quality. Tatoosh revolutionized the field and change the way many people think about what a yacht should be like.

Triple Seven

©Burgess Yachts

Triple Seven was considered a beast of the sea in 2006. When it got delivered, it grabbed the attention of everyone. It has a fearless design that makes you feel as if it was a beast emerging from the deep-sea. Moreover, it has a powerful engine that makes a lot of people call it a racing car on water.

This Super-yacht led the manufacturing company to be granted an award by the International Super-yacht Society as an acknowledgment for this masterpiece. The company also made a yacht that provides luxurious comfort to its users thanks to its spacious cabins.


©Burgess Yachts

In 2008 the yacht world was shaken again with Siren. Siren is a yacht with 73.5 m of length and guests capacity of 14. Some even value it today at US$ 70 million. It was the first super-yacht in the world to introduce a landing place for helicopters, which could be folded and used for other purposes.

They have also made a revolution in yachts by manufacturing the yacht’s side terrace. Its design is just outstanding and screams luxury from inside out. You should definitely contact your yacht charter broker to book you a world cruise in luxury cruise lines that use Siren.

Sycara V

©Fraser Yachts

This is a yacht in which you can fit another water vehicle with high-speed boat engine. In 2010 Sycara V had one of the biggest garages ever included in a yacht. It was convenient to take your small boat for a ride in places the yacht could not reach.

It is one of the most luxurious super-yachts in the world, including facilities such as a room to relax and get a massage, a swimming pool, a room for steam, and -everyone’s favorite- a Jacuzzi. And if the owners liked to put their muscles to work, they may make use of the gym room.


©Yacht Charter Fleet

One year later, Sapphire was introduced. It had 73.5 meters in length and was manufactured in a special method that enhances fuel consumption, allowing the yacht to reach maximum speed (24 knots). The manufacturing company also equipped the yacht with advanced technology when it comes to the lighting system.

It featured an impressive exterior design by Trinity Yachts team and an outstanding interior one by James McFarlane. Moreover, it has a capacity of carrying up to 12 guests and 10 crew members; which makes it perfect for yacht share or luxury yacht rental. Also, the estimated value of the yacht nowadays is around US$ 110 million

Odessa II

©Boat International

Odessa II was introduced in 2013; it is the perfect yacht for entertainment purposes. It has a place to land helicopters that could be used as a stage. Also, it is equipped with an outstanding sound system with loudspeakers.

It is a 74 m masterpiece that can take up to 12 guests in 6 cabins; and for the yacht management, it can take up to 19 crew members in 9 cabins. It is estimated nowadays at US$ 100 million. Odessa II is the perfect choice for small family cruises or business deals negotiations since its design is edgy and classy at the same time.

Sailing yacht A


The most outstanding and breathtaking yacht in our list is the Sailing yacht A. it is one of the biggest super-yachts in the world, and a great example of how far can yacht manufacturers go when it comes to design and engineering.

It is a motor yacht that could be sailed as well. Many experts of the field call it “the boundary-pushing super-yacht.”

The dimensions of Sailing yacht A are nothing but impressive: it has 142.8 m in length and standing-tall masts with 100 meters of height. But wait! That’s not all, the sailing masts are too big that one of them has a small room; they are even bigger than Big Ben.

The yacht can take up to 20 guests and 54 crew members. It includes spacious cabins, 8 decks, and a room specifically made to observe life underwater; in addition to the classic helicopter platform.



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