12 Must-visit places in the world


Last Updated on December 20, 2020

© unsplash There are many beautiful places to visit in the world, and we can almost bet that after this chaotic year, you can’t wait to get back on the road and discover the whole world. While the majority of travel restrictions have been lifted, some people are still afraid of traveling. But you need to bring back adventure and discovery, and 2021 is perfect for that. A question remains, though: where should I go first? But fear no more, as we compiled a list of 12 places to see before you die. So, get your travel insurance ready, and let’s go!

1. Dubai

There are some crazy places to travel to, and Dubai is surely one of them. A barren desert has been transformed into a prospering city that keeps mutating to adjust to this ever-changing world. While most people think of the epic Burj Khalifa whenever they think of Dubai, this modern city also has a historical center worth visiting. Wander around the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and discover all the picturesque heritage buildings, the museums, and the monumental cafes. Be sure not to leave without enjoying a sky-high view from one of the many skyscrapers.

2. Japan

There is no surprise that a country like Japan is part of a list of the best places to visit once in a lifetime. This quirky Asian country offers breathtaking natural settings, delicious food, and an insight into a completely different culture. The beaches are amazing, nature there is stunning, and the ancient culture is to die for. You can never get bored when traveling to Japan. In fact, you could visit it 100 times, and you would still feel like it’s the first one. You should start in the city that never sleeps from Asia: Tokyo. Then make your way to Osaka, where you will taste some of the most exquisite Japanese cuisine delicacies. Next, visit the beautiful city of Kyoto and go down the corridors of history. If you want a more natural adventure, you can always go to Niseko and take a break from all the cosmopolitan fuss.


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