15 Best And Safest Vacation Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Whether it was your choice to go solo, or the timing of the trip wasn’t fitting any of your friends and relatives’ schedules, traveling by yourself is just a great experience that every woman should opt for; even if it was for once in your life.

You may be worried that you will feel lonely and unsafe when being alone; however, traveling solo is a learning, eye-opening experience that will make you a new person when you come back. Female travelers should be encouraged to go out there, discover themselves and leave their comfort zone behind.

Another benefit of traveling solo is having the liberty to plan your own route and take a break whenever you like to.

Also, you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of other people and create new friendships with other adventurers from all over the globe. Traveling by yourself shouldn’t be as dangerous as you think.


Rome, Italy


Rome is one of the most famous vacation destinations in Europe, and you will always find offers for the city on travel booking websites. However, what makes this city attractive is that it is one of the safest cities for female travelers in the world.

You can put on a pair of comfortable shoes and wander around in Rome: you can check the great architecture of the Roman Empire, visit the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and Coliseum, and don’t forget about Vatican City.

New York


New York is another famous travel destination in which a female solo traveler can live the adventure of her lifetime.

You need to explore the Big Apple’s iconic landmarks such as the world-famous museums, the Statue of Liberty, and, of course, it won’t be called a visit to New York if you don’t check the famous Times Square.

Moreover, New York has all kinds of foods from all over the world; Moroccan, Chinese, Italian and other nationalities. So contact your travel booking agent and get a trip to NYC.

Melbourne, Australia


Australia is known to be one of the most peaceful countries where people from different ethnicities live together. And the city of Melbourne is considered one of the best places for female solo travelers.

Female travelers will find it mesmerizing to visit its verdant gardens, museums, theaters, large parks, and galleries. That’s the reason why it is considered the cultural capital of Australia.

You will also have the chance to check the Victorian-era architecture and the Great Ocean Road. So surviving long flights is worth it after all!

Reykjavik, Iceland


Another city you should definitely contact your online travel agent about is Reykjavik, Iceland. The reason we are excited about this city is that it is considered one of the safest places for solo traveling in the world, especially for women.

In fact, it takes the first place in the Global Peace Index. Reykjavik is rich in culture and perfect for day trips, as well as pictures’ taking for Facebook and the Gram. Make sure you visit the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights for an unforgettable experience.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is one of the most famous cities in the world and needs no introduction. And the best online travel booking sites are always competing with appealing offers to visit the city.

The atmosphere of the city and the nature of the locals and visitors make it one of the best cities to travel solo in Europe. Amsterdam is friendly, beautiful and it is considered as “Venice of the North.”

While you are in there, make sure to check the gorgeous canals, beautiful bridges, and the mesmerizing architecture.



Guatemala will definitely make the dollars you spent from your credit card worth it. This Central American city is rich in culture and historic attractions, especially when it comes to the Mayan Ruins.

Moreover, it is not a very expensive travel destination. Guatemala is also a playground for the adventurers who are seeking whitewater rafting and kayaking. So bring that waterproof bag of yours and take off for adventure time!! Also, don’t forget to check out the volcanoes in the area.

Montreal, Canada


What could be safer for female solo travelers more than a city in a country with the most friendly and charming people in the world? We can say that about their Prime Minister Trudeau as well.

Montreal gives you a glimpse of Europe without getting you broke. It has a rich culture and history, in addition to landmarks such as the scenic riverfront Old Port, old cobblestone streets, and the Montreal Botanical Gardens. So pack your trekking backpack and go for a nice trip to Montreal.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Located on Northern Thailand’s foothills, it is considered one of the most mesmerizing places to travel for solo females. This is a quieter, more secure, and greener destination than the world-famous Bangkok.

This city will make you forget about everything from health insurance, money saving banks to smartphones, and just make you take a deep and calm breath. It is also surrounded by mountains and lush countryside and has a big number of Buddhist temples.

Bali. Indonesia


This beautiful destination offers you inexpensive accommodations, beaches, where you can relax and get some tanning, and yummy food. These are just some of the top reasons why you should put Bali on your bucket list.

It is considered a great place for solo ladies. It has a great backpacking culture and you’ll find other solo female adventurers to hang out with. And if you want some luxury, you may find some resorts to spoil yourself in this tropical heaven.

The British Virgin Islands

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Many people believe that the Caribbean is a destination meant for couples and honeymooners, but this is far from being right. You can still indulge yourself and go to this beautiful Caribbean escape as a lone wolf.

This destination has an impressive nightlife circuit and has some of the most famous beaches that attract solo travelers from all over the world. And since the atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful, you may have the chance to meet other great people and have a great time.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Danish people are one of the happiest people on earth, which is not a coincidence since they live in one of the most advanced and peaceful countries on the planet.

The country’s capital is perfect for tourists since it is one of the most intimate destinations worldwide, and you will have a feeling of safety once you step your foot in there.

In Copenhagen, you can enjoy the rich culture, vibrant nightlife, shopping, and beautiful architecture. Furthermore, you can do that using a bicycle!!



Havana, ooh na-na, is just a beautiful city that would make you leave half of your heart in there. It is a combination of different cultural aspects that come together to make a postal card like scene.

You’ll find a mixture of 1950s Chevys, cigars, and crumbling colonial architecture all in one place. Solo female travelers can also take classes to learn the amazing dance of salsa.

You will also have the chance to check the beautiful artisan shops as well as enjoying the food in the back street restaurants.

Tulum, Mexico


Tulum’s powdery white sand beaches and the aquamarine waters can make you forget about the stress of daily life and put you into a state of nirvana.

The reason why you should check this destination on online travel companies is the fact that it is simply beautiful, and it is even quieter than the nearby vacation destinations.

You can have a yoga session at the beach, watching the beautiful scenery, and you’ll also have the opportunity to meet other travelers.

Rajasthan, India

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Rajasthan is a mesmerizing glimpse of what India is like for women who are taking the trip alone. This wonderful destination called “Land of Kings” is rich in culture and history, with many forts to visit.

Furthermore, it is not difficult to move between Udaipur, Jodphur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur. Also, the trip there will not cost you a fortune even in atmospheric places for tourists. You will also have the chance to ride on a camel’s back in the desert.



We cannot have a list of the best and safest destinations for solo female travelers without talking about Singapore. This country is not as famous as other places on our list; however, it is one of the cleanest places in Asia and has a friendly and safe atmosphere.

That’s the reason why you should have no hesitation about visiting the country to enjoy the mouthwatering cuisines and the impressive cultures. And shopping lovers will also fall in love with this place.



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