Avoid Moving To These 12 Worst Cities In The U.S To Raise Children

When you want to apply the positive parenting skills that you learned in the parenting books and blogs, you want to do that in a safe environment for you and for your kids.

As parents, you would do anything to have effective toddler development, including moving to another city or country. However, not every city in the U.S is suitable for skill development and effective parenting.

Some cities across the country can actually have a counter effect on your children with their inadequate school systems, crime rates, poverty rates, and unemployment.

Just keep in mind that we are not trying to disrespect any city, and we don’t actually perceive poverty as something to be ashamed of. What we are trying to do is to lay facts for you and try to show you that there are some areas in the country that you may want to avoid when it comes to raising children.


Albany, Oregon

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Children in the city are more expected to enroll in school late and do not succeed to complete their education.

Most likely, one of the reasons many of them fail to get a high school degree is that the city has one of the lowest preschool enrollment in the country, with less than ¼ of children at the age of 3-4 joining preschools.

Also, the city’s graduation rate is at 70.9 %, making it among the lowest in the US. So this is a city you won’t contact your travel booking agent about.

Sebring, Florida


Another city you won’t be running website booking for is Sebring, Florida. The city seems to have one of the worst education systems in the country.

It is estimated that around 64 % of high school students manage to graduate high school within 4 years, and no other area in the country has a lower rate (according to estimations done in Sept, 2018.)

This low rate is also associated with economic struggles of citizens of the city: around 33.6 % of children in the Sebring area live below the national poverty level.

Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach

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This area struggles with so many issues that make raising children around hard. For a start, it has one of the lowest rates of people graduating from high schools in the U.S with 71%.

Moreover, it is hard for kids in the area to find spots to exercise and perform physical activities, which may have an effect on the child development since not having access to places to exercise can lead to developing several health issues including high blood pressure and obesity. So this is a place you should definitely not consider.

Stockton-Lodi, California


The city of Stockton-Lodi, California is the proof that you shouldn’t run to book a flight on online travel companies’ sites once you hear the word ‘California.’ To begin with, it has one of the lowest rates of preschool enrollment with around 36.1 % of kids aged 3-4 getting an early education.

Moreover, not having access to early education can be detrimental to the developmental skills for toddlers and leave them behind their peers emotionally and educationally. Also, what makes matters worse is the high crime rate in the area.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas


This is a place that your online travel agent will never recommend. The city has one of the highest crime rates in the US. The crime rate is 909 for every 100,000 residents, including crimes like aggravated assault, homicide, and robbery.

This can also have a bad effect on life skills for kids since they will experience high levels of stress at an early age. Also, children may be prevented from going outside for playing and engaging in physical activities.

Columbia, South Carolina

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The reason why Columbia, South Carolina is one of the worst places for parenting teens and toddlers is the fact that it doesn’t have much investment in youth programs and schools.

Another reason is that it has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country, 71.3%, which could be due to a lack of community engagement.

The strange thing is that this high school graduation rate doesn’t correlate with the high rate of preschool enrollment that the city has: 58.7%.

Danville, Illinois

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If you are thinking about consulting travel booking websites to go on a vacation for Danville, Illinois then please abort immediately. The city has one of the biggest crime rates in America.

It is estimated that the citizens of Danville may report being victims of a burglary or assault more than any metropolitan area in the country. This high crime rate makes it difficult for parenting toddlers since it is associated with stunted learning development.

Also, the college attainment rates are not promising with 14% of the adults in the city having a bachelor degree.

Albany, Georgia


Another city that has a significantly bad effect on learning skills for toddlers is Albany, Georgia. One of the main problems with the city is having a high rate of poverty.

Many of the kids in the area are one of the poorest in U.S. metro areas. While 19.5 % is the national rate, the rate for kids in Albany is 36.3 %.

What makes matters worse is the fact that living in families that struggle financially makes it hard to be successful educationally, and around 30 % of these children end up not graduating high school.

Yuba City, California


Another Californian city you shouldn’t spend your dollars on a trip to is Yuba City. It is estimated that 36.6% of the city’s residents do not have access to places for exercise and physical activities.

The education in the city is no better with a high risk of children getting an inadequate education. According to figures, the high school graduation and preschool enrollment in Yuba City are slightly below average. Therefore, it is better to avoid trying to raise your children here.

Hanford-Corcoran, California


Preschool-aged children in the area are less likely to be enrolled in preschool programs, with a rate of 35.2% (below the national rate of 48 %). This fact can affect the natural stages of development for children and lead to problems later on.

Education is a problem for adults too with only 11.6% graduating from college – making it a staggering number 20% below the national average. The problem is that this low rate of graduation can be the beginning of a streak of generations of children not graduating college.

Florence, South Carolina


Despite the attractive name, the city of Florence, South Carolina is not a place for which you would contact travel booking companies and go for an adventure. To begin with, less than half of residents say they have access to areas to get physical activities. T

his fact can affect the mental and physical development of children, not to mention the effects on their health condition. Moreover, the city has a high rate of crimes with 641 crimes reported per 100,000 residents. Therefore, a high crime rate means not having an adequate education, as well as less community engagement.

Madera, California


We bet that by now you would think twice before consulting the best online travel booking sites for a trip to California, especially when you are taking your kids with you. The city of Madera is no exception from other California entries in our list.

It is estimated that around 32.4 % of kids in the city live in poverty, which exceeds the national rate (19.5 %). In addition to that, Madera has one of the worst enrollment rates in preschool in the U.S at 18.5%. So, try to avoid it and look for better places to raise your kids.



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