The 14 Most Terrible Cities For Allergic People To Travel To

Last Updated on June 18, 2019

There is nothing more interesting than defining travel journeys are cultural experiences through which we learn about others who are different from who we are.

Sometimes, you could be planning for a journey that could mark your life, but something pops up out of nowhere and pushes you to change all your plans.

But if you are determined to go wherever the sky takes you, jump on your computer right now and find the active vacation packages with super cheap plane tickets. Maybe, you will be lucky enough to find good flight and hotel deals to enjoy the best air travel experience ever.

If you are confused about which travels booking offers to choose, asking for the help of a travel booking agent is very handy. But HOLD ON! Before you finalize your flight reservation, you need to be concerned about your health condition in your destination.

It is useful to have travel insurance that may come handy in emergency medical care situations. But there are situations where travelers have certain medical conditions like the ones with spring allergy.

It is a pity because they might be deprived of visiting 14 cities around the world where nature is just mesmerizing.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Now honestly, the appellation looks very romantic which it is in reality. Many people would embark on road trips to arrive at this place in spring where the green color becomes the king. Consider every aspect of your travel before you book your flight.

If you suffer from a spring allergy, Baton Rouge is never the right place for you. In spring, the humidity in this place is high; this means that it can rain at any moment. What would happen then? The rain would not harm you, but once the pollen that was washed down dries, your allergy symptoms will get you to the ER.

Richmond, Virginia


Virginia is an interesting name, maybe the name of one of the first colonies on the American lands. This is a modern place where many people like to come on their vacations for a while before hitting the road to somewhere else.

It is certain that travel booking websites will enlighten you on the best airfares they detect, but do you think it is the right place for a spring allergic person like yourself? Maybe not.

Climate change affected the weather around and left an impact on the ground level ozone. This resulted in ragweed growing seasons. The pollen-producing grass finds its source of nutrition which is carbon dioxide.

Columbia, South Carolina

©Southeast Discovery

Once school is done and summer arrives, all that we think of is a nice vacation in an earthly paradise surrounded by verdant spaces. But this is not everybody’s dream.

Of course, traveling is not the one meant here, but rather the desire to be in green nature. People with spring allergies cannot stand being in such places in spring. This is the case of Columbia in South Carolina.

The high pollen and high use of anti-allergic meds are the factors that make Columbia join the list of cities not to visit by allergic people. The city witnesses sudden rainfalls as well, which means more grass, weed and tree pollen growth.

Little Rock, Arkansas


Keep your suitcase light and kick off your travel! This is the only piece of advice that you might get from a pop backpack traveler, but it is unfortunately not enough. You need to know your destination.

When we say know, we don’t just mean knowing the local restaurants, the luxury vacation rentals, or the culture, but also the weather which might affect your health in a way or another.

For instance, if you are traveling, avoid going to Little Rock, Arkansas if you have spring allergy. Allergy meds usage is beyond the average, which is bad. The increased pollen, that is around, triggers and worsens the symptoms.

Dayton, Ohio

©The Business Journals

Dayton is another city which is still on the list of prohibited places for allergic people for quite a while. It is sad though because you can really use a tour around the city with your family and enjoy dinner in one of its luxurious restaurants.

But if you got an allergy, you’d better stay distant. The city records worse levels when it comes to increased pollen. Allergic sufferers are always on meds because of the city’s environment. A lot of pollen gets released at the same time because of many plants’ blooming.

Buffalo, New York


Who does not dream of going to New York, where dreams might come true? Visiting Manhattan sounds tempting, but it would not be the case of visiting Buffalo if you are an allergy sufferer.

If you are one, it is better not to take the risk. The pollen levels are the ones responsible for banning the city for spring allergic people. Moisture changes all the time; you could experience four seasons a day in a striking way.

This is exactly what would increase your allergy symptoms. When it is sunny and dry in spring in Buffalo, it directly means more pollen.

Knoxville, Tennessee

©Northern Virginia Magazine

What is the first thing you think of when you decide to travel? Maybe, starting your journey might require some Google researching; not necessarily on all airlines ticket prices or cheap business class fares, but rather on how the climate is in your destination.

This is basic knowledge that you must have before going to Knoxville in Tennessee. Because of the high levels of pollen, allergy sufferers who live around experience severe symptoms, pushing them to take meds.

The pollen that comes from birch and oak is the worst. The mountains that surround the city are also responsible for the sniffling and sneezing. Do you still want to go there? Likely not.

Providence, Rhode Island

©Dibujos Para Colorear

We all dream of the vacation day, when we will pack everything and head towards, maybe, the unknown to experience life from a different perspective even for a short time. It is all about your capability of making this journey of yours unique and memorable.

This place could be Providence in Rhode Island, but if you are allergic, we believe that going there is inadvisable. Allergy sufferers in the city have no choice but to take meds to mitigate the severity of the allergic symptoms they suffer from.

The place might be breathtaking, but your health can become at stake if you decide to ignore what you have just read and go.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Named as ‘the capital of The Sooner State,’ it is unfortunate that such a gorgeous and natural spot cannot be visited by allergy sufferers. The ones who live around are already suffering.

Their doctors advise them to move out of the city, but what if there is nothing they can do if they cannot afford to move? When it comes to you, you got a choice not to go to Oklahoma City if you are allergic.

Allergy meds use as well as and the pollen levels in the city are extremely high. You surely know what that means, don’t you? The molds and dust mites can increase your allergy symptoms.

Wichita, Kansas

©Strong Towns

Here is a question: how do you really choose your travel destination? Are you the kind of person who can make do with whatever proposal comes around or have specific standards on which you base your choice?

One of these standards could be your health. If you have spring allergy, it is advisable not to think of Wichita in Kansas as your next destination. Because of the grasses and weeds around, pollen levels are high. This causes mostly severe nasal allergies. Hence, the only shelter of allergy sufferers here is their meds, hoping to be effective.

McAllen, Texas


Have you decided which city to visit this year? You’d better hurry up; the offers on independent hotel booking sites and best online travel booking ones are shrinking every day. So get your deal right now!

Don’t pick cheap business class fares right the way before you check where you are actually heading. Take your health condition and allergies into account in the process. Avoid McAllen if you have spring allergy because your condition can become worse.

The city is situated in the Rio Grande Valley, which is not very good. The breeze brings the cedar trees’ pollen for miles. Dry weather is not helping either.

Louisville, Kentucky


What does Kentucky remind you of? That’s right! Fried chicken which seems so delicious. Kentucky is also a state where you can visit Louisville. The city’s name sounds sweet.

Louisville is also on the list of cities to not visit if you have a spring allergy. In fact, it has become a bit better than it was in the past. In accordance with the previous AAFA rankings, Louisville was number 2.

The geographical location of the city is responsible for making it not a good place for allergy sufferers. The fact that it is a river valley means that it is surrounded by increased pollen coming from the Cumberland and Smokey Mountains.

Syracuse, New York


Back to New York once again! If you ask anyone outside the US about the place he would like to visit in the country, he will likely respond: I would love to go to California and New York.

Actually, he is not to blame because, for many Americans, New York is charming. On your trip, you can step by Syracuse, yet if you are allergic, it is better to remain distant.

Because of the past blankets of snow, the pollen levels increased as well as mold spore and fungal growth. If you are wondering about the worst city for allergic people in the Northeast, the answer is Syracuse, New York.

Memphis, Tennesse and Jackson, Mississippi


Are you convinced to buy an air ticket to your destination or not yet? There are so many splendid places that deserve to be seen and visited.

Don’t worry much about where to stay because there are a number of hotel search sites, offering hotel rooms’ deals with the internet access and the comfy beds you need. But if you are allergic, stay away from Memphis and Jackson.

The former records high allergy meds use and increased pollen. The latter’s pollen is very thick thanks to the good growing conditions, ranging from moderate temperatures to humidity. The fungus also grows massively and the release of mold spore is high too.



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