The Most Dangerous Destinations for Solo Female Travelers (& How to Be Safer)


Last Updated on November 1, 2018

Traveling solo is one of the most freeing and mind-opening experiences. Unfortunately, there are some countries that are highly dangerous for solo travelers, especially women.

However, just because these countries are dangerous for women, it doesn’t necessarily mean “don’t ever go!” Traveling is a rich learning journey that helps us shape our personalities. So before you continue exploring the world, there are many techniques you can follow to stay safe.

#10 – Mexico

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Lately, there was an American woman who traveled alone to Mexico and died in a resort. This horrific incident raised caution and awareness because it wasn’t the first time such incident occurred within the past few years.

The Department of State cautioned U.S travelers about visiting half of the country’s states, some of them are highly popular, and now they are the capital of crime and violence.

Mexico is a gorgeous country and number one destination for U.S citizens, but unfortunately, the amount of robbery, kidnapping, homicide, and carjacking that is targeting most Americans is very scary. Here are some tips to stay safe in Mexico:

– Ladies! Exercise general safety practices, watch your drink and wear modestly.
– If you are heading to South Mexico, you should be super careful.
– Drink only from sealed bottles you inspected yourself to avoid any unusual and dangerous incident. Watching your drink should be taken very seriously in Mexico.


#9 – Jamaica

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight
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Jamaica is a very beautiful country with great beaches and natural sites. But, solo female travelers may experience an unpleasant attention if they attempt to discover the country alone, particularly in Montego Bay and Kingston. By staying at a well-known resort, they may avoid unwanted behaviors from the locals. But, they still have to be careful.

However, violent crimes are a serious issue throughout the whole country which makes it dangerous for both females and males travelers. So, you may follow these tips to avoid any unpleasant situation:

– Use a cross-body bag.
– If you are traveling (or willing to be) with a same-gender partner, be very discreet.
– Don’t worry about covering up your skin.
– If you need any help, it’s better to approach women.


#8 – Egypt

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This country is known for its unique culture with special traditions and cuisine, which put the country on the top 5 list of the World’s must ‘go to’ countries. Plus, it’s the home of pyramids and Pharaonic history.

Lately, the country has been experiencing some tragic incidents because of terrorism and ISIS attacks that mostly target tourist sites, public venues, government officials, and public transportations.

Also, women may get attacked or harassed by the male locals who, somehow, don’t have boundaries of how to respect females, especially the foreigners.

However, we can’t deny that Egyptians may be very hospitable, and there are some females who do travel alone and it turns out to be a great experience. In order to avoid any bad encounter, use the following tips:

– To avoid any harassment, it’s better to cover your shoulders and knees by wearing very loose clothing that covers the shape of your body.
– Be aware that eye contact may be considered as flirting, sunglasses are the safest option.
– You may sign up for a private or a small travel group just at first to avoid any problem.
– It’s best to use Uber over a Taxi.


#7 – Morocco

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight
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This exotic country is sadly very dangerous for solo female travelers due to many reasons such as street robbery, purse-snatching, burglaries, and sexual harassment.

These issues are a huge concern especially in tourist areas and major cities like Casablanca. Moreover, the country may be at a high risk of a potential terrorist attack against U.S citizens.

But again, many solo travelers visited Morocco and they did not experience any unpleasant incident. Here are some tips to stay safe as a solo female traveler in Morocco:

– Wear a cross-body bag and don’t flash valuables.
– Expect a lot of catcalling which you should avoid completely by not addressing males.
– Young men may offer to help you in exchange for money. So, don’t fall for their begging. If you are lost, it’s better to step into a shop or ask women.
– Before you book your ticket, learn some basic Arabic or French.
– It’s better to cover most of your skin, especially in crowded places.


#6 – India

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight
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India is the solo female travelers’ best destination due to the breathtaking nature and the ‘awesome’ culture. But, it didn’t stop the country from being on this list because of the terrorist attacks that may occur at any time.

The past attacks targeted luxurious hotels, train stations, cinemas, markets, and restaurants in urban areas. Also, India suffers from serious and ongoing sexual assault, especially towards foreigners. Here are some tips to stay a little safer in India as a female traveler:

– Be prepared for anything; the catcalling, the staring, and the harassment and it’s better to avoid them all.
– If you don’t have a male companion, it’s best to avoid walking alone during the night.
– Wear long and loose clothes; it’s preferable to buy and wear cultural Indian outfits upon arrival.
– Staying in a guesthouse can be a better and safer experience.


#5 – Bahamas

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight

This one may come as a shock for many U.S citizens, the Bahamas are literally “paradise on earth” represented as a chain of beautiful islands for the perfect holidays and honeymoons.

Unfortunately, a couple of islands are starting to experience many issues such as harassment and robbery that were rated as “critical” by the Department of State.

Within the past few years, the U.S embassy received many reports of U.S citizens getting robbed and threatened by guns and dangerous knives in tourist locations, the shocking thing is that they experience these incidents during the daylight.
Here are some tips on how to be safer in the Bahamas:

– Watch your foods and drinks closely when out.
– Don’t visit the less populated areas alone.


#4 – Colombia

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight
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Colombia can be an “incredible experience” for any solo traveler, especially women. Sadly, because of multiple violent crimes and kidnappings, this country found its way to this list. Colombia attracts many tourists due to its glorious natural sites and the historic surroundings, such as Cartagena.

Recently, the Department of State listed many reasons why this country is not safe for solo travelers. Some of the reasons are drug-trafficking, domestic insurgency, and kidnapping. Follow this list of tips to avoid any horrific incident during your visit:

– DON’T pull out your cell phone while walking down the street, or hang your purse behind your chair.

– Don’t hail Taxis on the street, it’s better to book them ahead.<>

– Prepare yourself for catcalling and harassment if you walked alone during the night.
– Overnight buses are the best for traveling, they check passengers for weapons.


#3 – Turkey

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight
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Due to the considerable amount of the political issues, Turkey became one of the most dangerous countries for U.S citizens. In 2016, there were numerous terrorist attacks that targeted tourist areas, public spaces, sporting events, and police/ military facilities.

There were shootings, bombings, and vehicle-borne bombings involved in the attacks. According to a survey, sexual harassment is not uncommon in Turkey. Foreign women experience multiple unwanted catcalling multiple times per day.
Here are the tips for a safer trip to Turkey:

– Wear conservative clothes in less urban areas; in case you are willing to visit a mosque, it’s better to use a scarf to cover your hair.
– Don’t grab a Taxi while in almost empty areas.
– You have to seek a Hammam experience.


#2 – Peru

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight
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Republica Del Peru is a great destination for U.S citizens due to the magnificent historic sites, the delicious cuisine, and the special culture. It’s sad to find it on this list, but unfortunately, Peru is experiencing many issues that are very dangerous to travelers, especially women who travel alone.

Recently, U.S tourists reported their scary incidents of experiencing armed robbery, carjacking, and kidnapping, especially in urban areas such as Machu Picchu and Inca Trail. Here are a few tips to enjoy Peru Safely:

– It’s best to visit small regions of Peru than the big cities.
– Ask your hotel for the number of a reputable company of Uber or taxis, and call them while you are still in your room – don’t hail them or wait for them on the street.
– While hiking, stick to the beaten path.
– Don’t speak Spanish with locals who approach you, even if you can understand it.
– Don’t flash any valuable and avoid wearing expensive jewelry, wear a cross-body purse.
– Avoid sports activities when it’s dark, that’s when gang activity is common.
– Leave your credit card and your extra money at your hotel.


#1 – Guatemala

Traveling some countries solo travelers journey exploring the world travelers gorgeous country hotels booking flight

This country holds many natural beauties all over the country, making it one of the most beautiful destinations that U.S citizens aim to visit. Plus, it’s full of opportunities for solo travelers to experience many exciting adventures. Yet, Guatemala poses a threat to all travelers. Luckily, they don’t target U.S citizens.

But, Guatemala is facing a big issue of robbery and violent crimes, the criminals may not target U.S citizens in particular but they believe that tourists hold more money than an average Guatemalans. Here are a few tips to survive your tip on Guatemala:

– You must use Cabs during the night, don’t walk alone.
– It’s preferable to use a tour company in order to take you from one city to another.
– Robbery is more of a gender-neutral thing, so whether you are a male or female it’s better to be cautious and wear cross-body bags.
– Always leave your credit cards and extra money at the hotel.
– Learn some Spanish words.
– Do an intensive research about local authorities.



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