The Most Dangerous Destinations for Solo Female Travelers (& How to Be Safer)


Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Traveling solo is one of the most freeing and mind-opening experiences. Unfortunately, there are some countries that are highly dangerous for solo travelers, especially women.

However, just because these countries are dangerous for women, it doesn’t necessarily mean “don’t ever go!” Traveling is a rich learning journey that helps us shape our personalities. So before you continue exploring the world, there are many techniques you can follow to stay safe.

#10 – Mexico

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Lately, there was an American woman who traveled alone to Mexico and died in a resort. This horrific incident raised caution and awareness because it wasn’t the first time such incident occurred within the past few years.

The Department of State cautioned U.S travelers about visiting half of the country’s states, some of them are highly popular, and now they are the capital of crime and violence.

Mexico is a gorgeous country and number one destination for U.S citizens, but unfortunately, the amount of robbery, kidnapping, homicide, and carjacking that is targeting most Americans is very scary. Here are some tips to stay safe in Mexico:

– Ladies! Exercise general safety practices, watch your drink and wear modestly.
– If you are heading to South Mexico, you should be super careful.
– Drink only from sealed bottles you inspected yourself to avoid any unusual and dangerous incident. Watching your drink should be taken very seriously in Mexico.


#9 – Jamaica

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Jamaica is a very beautiful country with great beaches and natural sites. But, solo female travelers may experience an unpleasant attention if they attempt to discover the country alone, particularly in Montego Bay and Kingston. By staying at a well-known resort, they may avoid unwanted behaviors from the locals. But, they still have to be careful.

However, violent crimes are a serious issue throughout the whole country which makes it dangerous for both females and males travelers. So, you may follow these tips to avoid any unpleasant situation:



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