The Top 5 Amazing Destinations To Paddle This Fall

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Amazing Destinations To Paddle This Fall© Pinterest

Many travelers think that the Fall season is not as interesting as Summer as they believe that they no longer can enjoy the long, sun-kissed days on the water nor their favorite water activities, especially paddling!

However, what most of the paddlers ignore is that the turning of leaves and the brisk breezes can make their paddling experience even more fun and enjoyable!

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Seattle, Washington

Seatle, Washington

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Seattle is one of the most hospitable paddling destinations and that’s due to the fact that more than 40% of the Greater Seattle Area is covered in water.

In fact, the area offers visitors and more particularly standup paddlers a myriad of interesting opportunities, including cruising beneath the I-90 bridge on Lake Washington, SUP surfing on Puget Sound, or paddling through the Ballard Locks.

If you are planning to experience paddling during the Fall season, make sure to visit Seattle in October. This way, you have the chance to enjoy the awe-aspiring views of trees, Japanese Maples, Mountain Silverbells, the Scarlet Oaks and more!



Ruby Range, Colorado

Ruby Range, Colorado

© SUP Magazine

If you are craving a less urban and an unforgettable paddling adventure this fall, then, go no further than the Ruby Range in Colorado. The latter area has much to offer and can satisfy any outdoor enthusiast.

The golden leaves of the giant aspens trees, the very high-alpine lakes of crystal blue snowmelt and many other factors make the Ruby Range among the best places for paddling activities and day-trip destinations at altitude.

What’s more interesting is that visitors can camp on the shore of Lake Irwin for no more than $16 per one single night. The latter is considered to be a perfect launch point for hiking and paddling.



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