10 Brilliant And Effective Hacks For Your Summer Vacation

Last Updated on September 27, 2018

10 Brilliant And Effective Hacks For Your Summer Vacation© Pinterest

Everything about summer is really tempting, including the sun, the beach, the smoothies, and the ice cream! It’s undoubtedly the best time of the year where we can finally stop looking like white ghosts and get a natural Sun Tan!

We all without exception desperately wait for the summer vacation and we even start planning for it in a very early time of the year to make sure that we forget nothing and that everything is well and perfectly done!

Once the flight ticket and the hotel room are booked, we are only left with packing the luggage! Great! However, there are some little tricks that you and I need to learn and keep in mind while on vacation to make our trip more fun and relaxing!

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Wear Your Swimsuit Under Your Clothes

Wear Your Swimsuit Under Your Clothes

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Time is very precious, especially when you are on vacation! You wanna enjoy every single moment to the fullest and explore as many new things as possible.

Hence, the best trick you can keep in mind when heading to the beach is wearing your swimsuit under your clothes. This way, you can avoid wasting valuable minutes looking for somewhere to change!

Always Store Your Phone In A Ziplock Bag

Always Store Your Phone In A Ziplock Bag

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We would have advised you to leave your phone at home when you are going to the beach, but we know well that this is not possible! We know how attached you are to your phone and guess what? You are not the only one.

Besides, we fully understand how excited you are to document every single moment of your trip and share your pictures and stories with friends and family on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram!

However, you should be smart and store your phone in a ziplock bag. This way you can protect your phone from potential damage due to sand and water and at the same time satisfy your phone addiction!

Use Talcum Power To Remove Sand From Your Body

Use Talcum Power To Remove Sand From Your Body

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No need to use the old traditional ways of removing sand from the body, we have a better trick for you! This one will save your time and energy and will also help you to easily get rid of the sand sticking to your body.

All you need is to sprinkle some baby powder on your post-beach pod and feel free to use it when you need it! This smart trick works wonders and once you try it, you will be really thankful!

Use A Pill Container Or Contact-Lens Case To Store Your Jewelry

Use A Pill Container Or Contact-Lens Case To Store Your Jewelry

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The smartest people on earth are those who have high levels of creativity. These people tend to live happier as they have the magical power to create happiness with what they have! So, you can follow their steps and be creative and happy!

When you are willing to go to the beach, always carry with you a small pill container or contact lens and use them to store your valuable jewelry, including your earrings and maybe your wedding ring. Storing your jewelry in the beach bag is therefore not a good idea!

Aloe vera Can Heal Your Sunburn

Alovera Can Heal Your Sunburn

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Alovera gel has long been known for its healing and cosmetic properties. In fact, it has been used since the ancient times to treat different skin issues and improve the quality of the skin and its appearance.

So, when you get a wicked sunburn, you’d better put some aloe vera gel in the freezer until it freezes and then use the aloe vera gel ice cubes to soothe the sunburn and heal the skin.

Baking Soda And Vinegar For Jelly Fish Stings

Baking Soda And Vinegar For Jelly Fish Stings

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The jellyfish stings are very painful and the best natural way to deactivate the venom of the jelly is by combining two ingredients together namely, vinegar and baking soda. Rinse the affected area of the skin with this natural mixture for roughly 20 minutes.

This will soothe and manage the pain! For better results, you can finish up by applying cold compresses on the affected area.

Bring Balloons

Bring Balloons

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You might think that this is really crazy! but surprisingly taking ballons with you to the beach can help you fix the most annoying issue ever! Oh, yes, you read it correctly and we are definitely not joking!

Balloons can magically help you unclog your ears after a swim by blowing them, which is really amazing!

A Refreshing Lemonade

A Refreshing Lemonade

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It’s important to stay well hydrated on the beach, but drinking plain water is not always fun, right! We have an interesting trick for you ! all you need is to freeze a bottle of water the night before hitting the beach with a splash of vodka. You can grab it the next morning and enjoy your beverage and stay refreshed throughout the day.

Clean Your Bathing Suit By Showering In It!

Clean Your Bathing Suit By Showering In It

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This trick will help you kill two birds with only one stone! So, why double tasks when you can do them all at once! After a long day at the beach, one comes home extremely tired and need to relax. Hence, you can clean your swimsuit by showering in it.

Use Fitted Sheets For The Beach

Use Fitted Sheets For The Beach

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The fitted sheets are the best sheets that you can use on the beach. Having sand all over your blanket is not fun and really frustrating! Hence, this trick will show you how you can creatively turn a simple fitted sheet into a sand-free blanket box.

You can keep the corner up with whatever you have such as beach bag or coolers or whatever you have brought and then feel free to enjoy your lounge! The idea is just great and worth trying! besides, you will really love it!



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