10 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do When Checking a Bag!

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

Oh, goody! Who doesn’t love to travel? You even wake up early with a smile, and you probably have already packed and ready to go. But there are a few bad habits people have, making mistakes that will lead them to lose personal items due to security risk or even get stuff lost or stolen! Every year around 25 million checked luggage is misplaced, and in many cases, they end up being recovered by the airlines, but you could also do your part to minimize the risk. If you are reading this in the airport checkpoint, well, it may not be too late to double-check everything, but if you have doubts about what to look for, here’s 10 things you shouldn’t do when checking your bag!

1. Prohibited Items

There are a lot of prohibited items, and this is one of the first things you should do when you want to travel. It will save you from being pulled aside by security. Make sure you consult the TSA’s prohibited items list so you can be assured of what you can and cannot bring inside your bags. Flammable items are one of these objects that you are not allowed to bring on an airplane. So you can scratch already those from your list. Do not be a risk to yourself or others, and have a safe flight.

2. Unregulated Locks

Are you a lock bag kind of person? We get it, but you have to be aware of the type of locks you use. Using random locks may pose an airport security risk by being unregulated by TSA rules. Therefore, it will be taken from the bag, and all your efforts to keep your belongings safe will be just useless! In this case, do yourself a favor and check the TSA approved locks before you lock up your luggage.

3. Breaking The Weight Limit

You’re going on a big vacation, so you need to pack more stuff, it’s normal, but you must be aware of some rules in terms of airport luggage scale.


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