10 Nightmares To Experience At The Airport

Warning: go to the airport in case you are traveling with a warrior’s spirit because your day might turn into hell. Well, this is an inescapable truth despite the precautionary measures that many travelers take into account.

In the course of your flight reservation, your main concerns are how to find low-cost airline tickets or even super cheap plane tickets. But once this phase is concluded, flight reservation becomes the least of your troubles.

Once you book your flight starts a new phase in your journey: the airport BIG DAY. This is the real start of your journey to your destination. It must be noted that being at the airport can be a serious nightmare.

At the end of the day, you will likely land up preferring road trips over air travel. Your suffering experience at the airport starts from the moment of walking into the airport’s gates to the moment of boarding your plane.

Perhaps, if you are made aware of some of the troubles you might face at the airport, you could use given tricks to overcome the whole mess to get to your destination. That is why we compiled a list of the worst 10 things you are likely to encounter at the airport.


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Luggage check-in

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Before dwelling on this, it is very important that you understand that patience is what will get you through anything, even through all the troubles caused by being at the airport. Here begins the real journey: the check-in luggage point. You must be already sweating.

If you are to travel with whole target luggage sets, then you’d better be at the airport three hours before your actual flight takes off. Even if you don’t have heavy luggage, you got to be early given the potential masses of passengers that will be at the check-in point.

Airlines have different restrictions regarding your check-in luggage size. The specifications concerning the number of bags you’re allowed to check differ also.

At all rights, keep in mind that your lightweight luggage together with a tiny laptop suitcase will help you get through the check-in point very quickly.

Long security lines


If you hate waiting, then airports cannot be real places you can stand because of the long security lines. But remember that with a little patience, you will get through. Your journey to your destination does not end once you find promo flights.

The security lines will probably make you realize this. After enduring the painful standing in the line of the check-in point, you will have to put up with another nightmare: LONG SECURITY LINES. It is going to be painful, but this is where coming early will do you good.

If you get your bags and luggage checked in early, you will get to be among the first passengers, getting through the security lines. Unfortunately, this is not something that travels booking websites are going to tell you about.

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Airport food


Given that you will arrive at the airport early, you certainly are not going to stay hungry until you get to have your meal aboard the plane, which you should not order anyway.

Perhaps, airport food is another terrible experience to record in your travel journal, and something you certainly won’t recommend anyone to try. The most known thing about airport food is that it is overpriced and of zero quality.

Well, that is not a rumor; it is a fact. The food which is served isn’t even edible, not to mention that it is cooked in a terribly unhealthy way. The food served on the plane, if there is any anyway, is not any better. Now, few airlines barely serve any foods; others don’t serve anything at all.

No seat when reaching your gate

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Welcome to a new episode of your series: Airports’ Sufferings! Your travel booking agent might not tell about this, but if you don’t get early at the airport, you will find no vacant seats when you reach your gate.

Most of the seats would be taken by the early comers. That is why it is essential to arrive at the airport 2 or 3 hours before your flight’s departure time to get done with the check-in point business, get through the security line quickly and get to your gate on time before all seats get full.

If you don’t take this seriously, your vacations are going to be a terrible experience added to other not-so-pleasing social and cultural experiences, perhaps, in your destination.

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Flight delays


Despite all what you would go through at the check-in point, plus long security lines and no vacant seat at your gate, the top worse thing that can happen to you is that your flight gets canceled or delayed if you are lucky enough.

That is why it is handy to have travel insurance to get compensated for the delay. This is very possible to happen due to extreme weather or any other security issue.

Waiting is not going to be very pleasing, but at least make sure you get compensation, otherwise, you would be late and broke. Even the best online travel booking sites are not going to warn you about this. So be prepared for this, both mentally and physically.

Last-minute gate change


The funny thing that can happen to you is that you get early at the airport. The check-in point phase goes just fine, then luckily there are no long security lines, and you find vacant and comfortable seats at your gate, but then the unexpected happens: someone decides to change your gate in the last minute.

Well, anything that happens in the last minute sounds terrible. At this stage, you are supposed to be aboard your flight, fastening your seat belt, and getting ready for takeoff.

The catastrophic thing that can occur is that the gate through which you are supposed to get to your plane is on the other side of the terminal. Well, now that is a real disaster.

It is very important to stay calm as much as you can before getting a panic attack and ending up in the ER in need of emergency medical care instead of being aboard your flight.

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Airport customer service

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Missing a flight, OMG! This is really terrible as it exactly sounds. Believe us or not, but hundreds of people face this issue on a daily basis at all the airports internationally. It happens a lot.

At this point, you will have to get ready to have a long long talk to the Airport Customer Service to explain why you have actually missed your flight. The sad thing is that the Airport Customer Service representatives are stuck as much as you are at the airport.

But to get a new flight, you need to speak to them; well, this is what the guide book says, how about what they say? They won’t help you much, plus their attitude reflects how much they hate their job.

Terrible layovers

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Well, well, well! That is a new catastrophe on the way. Vacations are certainly fun moments to bring new souvenirs with you when you are back. But when you seriously think of the terrible trouble you have to put up with to get to your destination, you get this idea of canceling the whole thing.

Well, this is justifiable, but the trouble could be worth it. It is really hard to find active vacation packages with nonstop flights to your destination. Flights with low prices are usually ones which involve layovers.

Back to the idea of waiting! You can expect that everything will go perfectly fine.

If you think that tight flight connections are terrible, then you have to find another word to describe waiting at a layover airport, dying of boredom. After hours up in the air, there are few more you are going to spend, waiting for your next flight on the ground.

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Baggage claim cycle


Trust us when saying this; the airport nightmare knows no ends. Yeap! Once you finally land at your destination, you’d think that: that is it! I am here, so let us get the hell out of here. But no, no, dear, the baggage phase is about to start.

If the largest luggage size for check-in takes time, then taking your large baggage is going to be troublesome too.

Sometimes, you have to get down to the airport’s basement to wait for another thousand years to get your luggage and embark your real adventure travel. The feeling of getting out of the airport is almost like being freed from jail.

Lost baggage

©The Economist

Hold on a sec! You are not awake yet for your nightmare is not over yet! That is why a carry on is better. Baggage claim is as terrible as anything on this list. It seems that it starts out of a sudden and never ends until it drives you crazy.

In case your luggage was not put aboard your plan in your departure point, then you will have to bear the rude reactions of those who will hand you a missing baggage report that you will have to fill in.

There is nothing else to do; you got to go home and expect a POSSIBLE call to go claim your baggage. That is exactly why it is preferable to not pack any of your valuable belongings in your checked bags.

After the airport nightmare comes another possible disaster: hotel reservation canceled. Don’t underestimate this because it can happen to any of us.

Even if you get a confirmation from the hotel you found on independent hotel booking sites or hotel search sites, the reservation can be canceled. This can happen even after spending a fortune on a stay in one of those luxury vacation rentals. So be careful!

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