11 Simple Ways To Save 50k In One Year To Travel The World!

Travel is a passion that we all been born with, but unfortunately, not anyone can afford to do it, not at all times at least. Planning to see the world needs a lot of thinking, considerations, and scheduling, re-scheduling, money saving, and working for long hours, even during weekends.

Here is the dilemma that pisses us all off: We all want to travel, but we need the money, so we find jobs to provide us with the amount of money we need, but we wouldn’t have enough time to actually travel.

You whether have to pick money and no time, or a lot of free time with zero cash… an endless circle! Both of these things will not get us what we need, unless if we become a little smart about it…

But before you start this experiment, you need to start valuing experiences over tangible items. Expensive things will not provide you with the happiness you need, a $10 bag will still carry the same objects as a $100 bag, and your old car would still get you places like the new one you desire.

So, just be patient, modest, and be prepared to save money in order to have a chance to see the world and explore other cultures.


Home cooked meals

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Here is the truth: we all can choose food delivery over cooking at any time. I mean, nothing compares to sitting comfortably at your couch and having the food delivered to your doorstep without the need to even move, right?

We are living in an era where laziness has become the easiest option, which is not a bad thing, except that it makes us waste a lot of money.

So, if your goal is to travel, then it is time to forget about ordering food from outside and starting cooking your own meals at home. You will notice how much money you will be saving, it is more than you could ever expect.

Plus, it is about time to start treating your body better by cooking only healthy things. You will need a healthier body to be able to see the world anyway!

Forget the cable

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If you have access to the internet, then what do you need the cable for?

The internet allows you to watch whatever is displayed on your TV and more, from trashy TV shows, movies, to commercials. So, why not get rid of this expense, and spend only $8/month on Hulu or Netflix accounts instead?

They can provide you with more movies and shows that TV could ever have. Otherwise, you can spend more time outside, working out, chatting with friends or reading.

No more bar nights


Nothing compares to a night out with friends after a long day at work. But doing this almost every night will just cost so much, did you ever think about that?

Of course, you can still enjoy some of your favorite beverages –sometimes we need it, but just have some self-control over what you drink.

The best thing to do is buy a yummy pizza with your friends, get some cards, and have a great night in. You will not even have to worry about getting an Uber when you are extremely drunk!

Work two jobs


You are still young, your body still has a lot of energy to give, and your soul is not ready to act “old” yet. So take advantage of this age and get a second job on the weekends. You probably already waste those days doing nothing or just spending more money. Instead, use the free time and earn more dollar bills.

If your current job is already hard enough, then consider an easy second job like walking the dogs, being a waiter in the early morning hours, a bartender in a calm pub, etc. There are no excuses, and your savings will be impressively boosted.

Take public transportation


If you have a car, then you already know how much it costs to move it around, even if it’s just from your work to home only. It is best to turn cheaper and greener by spending a few dollars on your local bus or train, instead of a cab, Uber, or your car.

However, if you feel like your car is not costing you that much, then you should do your calculations and see whether the car or public transportation is cheaper, then go for it.

Forget the 401K

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Obviously, this is a very smart move, getting to save money and investing it in your youth for when you are older. But don’t you want to enjoy those savings now?

You are young and healthy, which means you can travel a lot more freely around the world and being able to see it from a purer perspective. Plus, we never really know what the future holds for us. So just focus on your present, plan it well, and live it as if there is no tomorrow.

Morning coffee

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I know, morning coffees are one of our biggest addictions. After waking up grumpy and lazy, we would rather have a fresh latte from Starbucks than… nothing. But we are strong enough to let that go, especially if our goal is to explore the interesting Indian culture and all of its wonderful colors.

According to statics, an average American spends more than $1100/year on coffee. That’s almost $100 every single month, so do you know what the solution is? Yes, make your own coffee at home. The first three times will not taste good, but you will get better at it eventually.

Packed Lunch

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While at work, you can’t help yourself but wanting some Pizza Hut or Mexican food, but what if you postpone these dishes till you eat them from their original lands?

You will start cooking your own meals at home anyway, right? So make sure to pack some of it for tomorrow’s lunch. Do you remember your mother and how she used to pack your food?

It is kind of the same thing, except that this time the cool kids who get to buy food from the cafeteria are now your colleagues, and you will be a lot cooler when you will get to travel abroad!

Get profitable bank accounts


Here is a piece of advice that is made by gold: Don’t ever open savings, checking, or credit card unless it is offering you something good!

I mean, why would we pay them to hold our money for us? It is just not a healthy way to save money. But if the bank is running $200 sign up bonuses or offering some cool things, then why not! You need to Google search your bank each month to see what their offering incentives are and make sure to take advantage of them.

Count your money


You have to stay mindful of the money you are spending, earning, and saving. If you are not cheap by nature, then make yourself one. For example, if you found yourself caught between spending $4 on a snack, or waiting till you go home… choose to wait!

Yes, it is only $4 and it will not make a big of a difference, but one day after another, dollars add up. If you said it only three times this week, then you would have wasted $12. It is okay to be cheap sometimes, it is all for the sake of seeing the clouds from the perspective of an airplane.

Live below your means


Here is a question that you need to answer honestly: How much does it take to live only with the basics?

If you have clothes to wear, a house to sleep in, shoes to walk in, and food to cook, then you are living just fine. You don’t need to buy any extra thing to feel better. Yes, the sweater in that store looks cute, but you already have one that keeps you warm.

So, Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you really need it. If the answer is no, then just walk away.

In order to be able to travel the world and spend as much as you can abroad, save as much money as you can, even if you can afford nice items.



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