6 Ways All-Inclusive Resorts Fool People

People have different views about the most perfect travel destinations, there are those who find joy in taking their travel backpack and going for adventures and hiking trips, and on the other side, there are those who like to contact their travel booking agent and get a sweet deal on all-inclusive resorts.

True, the fantasy of relaxing on the shores of the Caribbean is irresistible for many of us; however, things may not go as smoothly as you see on resorts’ commercials or as promised on online travel sites.

In this article, we will introduce you to many problems that may emerge when you book an all-inclusive resort.

As you read through, you would learn about the tricks that people get fooled by while online travel booking or while staying at the resort, and we will show you the best ways you can avoid having them.

This way, you’ll make sure that your vacation doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare.


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You Can Be Charged Extra For Amenities


What a shame it would be to pay for your travel insurance, health insurance, and your ticket to find out that all-inclusive resorts don’t always include everything in their deals.

True, the word “all-inclusive” looks so shiny on travel booking companies websites; however, once you get to your resort, you may be faced with the ugly truth, which is that there are some services that you have to pay for separately.

You may get charged extra for many several amenities including airport transfers, spa treatments, top-shelf liquors, and you may even be surprised when you have to pay for things that you thought are for free.

Therefore, when you run some online travel booking, make sure you read the terms and conditions clearly before booking the resort.

The Room Scheme

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So you are roaming around on the best travel booking websites looking for a resort to spend your vacation when suddenly, a bright colorful room catches your gaze.

You see that the room is facing the ocean, has beautiful linens, and a decoration that makes you never want to leave it. In this case, people make rash decisions and provide their credit card digits right away.

What you need to be aware of is that the room you saw while website booking is not the one that you will get in reality. First of all, the pictures that you saw are most probably taken during shooting sessions, so they made sure that everything looks perfect.

Also, the resorts will not show standard rooms that everybody gets on their websites, so don’t get fooled by the pictures; especially when they are too good to be true.

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Complete Seclusion


Here is something that your travel booking agent would not tell you, and you won’t even read on online travel companies’ websites: as you are spending your vacation in a resort, you may be in complete seclusion.

Usually, resorts are surrounded by other resorts, and they are located in places far away from any local villages or the city. Therefore, you can forget about exploring the local culture or supporting the local economy.

You will not have the chance to eat in the local restaurants, shop at the local stores, or even meet the locals. So make sure that you ask your online travel agent about the area surrounding the resort and whether you will have the chance to explore it or not.

No Refunds

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When traveling, there are many things that you can control, you can look for the best online travel booking sites, get a reliable travel agency and choose what airlines you want to travel with.

However, one of the most famous factors that travelers cannot control is the weather.

The latter is a very important factor for resorts, and since many of them are located in an area that witnesses hurricanes from May to October, there is a big chance that unlucky travelers will not be able to spend their vacation during this period.

This may be a problem if you have already booked your room, especially when your booking terms state that you will get no refunds. That’s why you need to read the terms and conditions well before booking and make sure you contact your travel insurance provider for possible solutions.

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No Cordon Bleu Restaurants


Again, as you are trying to book a resort on online travel sites, you may come across pictures of the resort’s restaurant that may make you drool over them; so you book right away.

The problem is that the restaurants that you see on online travel websites are not the ones that you get in the all-inclusive deal. Although the majority of resorts provide some kind of food around the clock, you will not get to taste their best food unless you paid extra for it.

In other words, you only get what you’ve paid for. So don’t expect that you will get cordon bleu meals in your all-inclusive deal.

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Tipping Issues


Here is another thing that your travel agent will not tell you, you need to tip a lot in resorts. It doesn’t matter if you brought the best travel credit card with you, you need to bring some extra cash as well.

In order to get special treatment, you need to tip your server, housekeeper, cleaning lady, people at the reception, and everyone else that you need services from that works at the resort.

Don’t worry, you will still get standard services from everyone, but tipping can provide you with some services that you usually have to pay extra for; which is a win-win situation.

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