Here Are The 6 Negative Airport Habits You Need To Quit Now

We don’t usually realize that we behave in a wrong or irritating way until we actually receive complaints from people around us.

You don’t want this to happen in a place where people can charge you. If you are at the airport, for instance, there are few habits that you might be exhibiting, intentionally or unintentionally.

At all rights, you need to quit them as soon as possible before they get you in trouble. This is not just about getting through your air travel and have a good flight, but also about not ruining your vacation’s plans.

With similar unappreciated behaviors and habits, the chance of enjoying the luxury of the best flights is going to slide off your hands.

This way traveling is not just about booking the right flights at low prices or just about enjoying cultural experiences, it is also about fixing some of our flaws and quitting some habits which are likely to harm others.


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Attacking people around verbally

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So did you manage to find good flight booking offers? If you did, it is time to conclude your flight reservation, pack your bags and kick off your trip right the way to the airport. But once you arrive, you got to keep very essential things in your mind inclusive of avoiding attacking people verbally.

According to experts’ reports, flight attendants, in particular, are verbally attacked and are subject to sexual harassment. Unfortunately, many passengers proceed with attacking them by expressing rudely their disrespectful comments.

Gate agents encounter also their share of verbal, rude attacks by angry passengers who protest because of things which gate agents have no control over. So before going to the airport this time, avoid acting in such ways and try to learn how to control your anger.

Seats’ shoving


We don’t know where did respect go, but one thing we are sure of is that it is no longer around. Some people would do anything just to get to put up with those promo flights to just see their families on rare vacations, but they end up being disrespectfully treated by other passengers. How?

By rudely shoving the seats at the expense of others’ comfort. Well, here is a thing dear friend, if you picked low-cost airline tickets since the very beginning, don’t expect to enjoy a royal-like flight.

Therefore, try to respect your fellow passengers. Sometimes, it might happen accidentally which is okay, but when it is intentionally done on your own, it is absolutely unacceptable. If you want to enjoy more space for your legs, make sure you inquire about this when you book your flight.

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Short temper


If you want to enjoy your flight next time, you got to learn how to control your anger and emotions.

There is a reason why passengers are asked to arrive early at the airport which is that many of the flight procedures consume time; going through the security line and checking your luggage are not that easy.

If you want to get the best of your good flight deals, you need to remain patient.

But most travelers are not really so, so they end up yelling and screaming in the face of the airport’s agents. Sometimes, the stress of boarding plane and being up in the sky are the causes that trigger the angry reactions of travelers.

Being chatty

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We hate to be the ones to bring this up to you, but if you are chatty, you’d better start keeping your mouth shut more often. Not everyone wants to enjoy random chat with strangers aboard a plane, especially if they are stressed.

More importantly, not all people like to talk a lot, which is wiser than keeping the blablabla on. It is recommended that you take a book with you aboard to read instead of talking nonstop for no apparent reason.

Many passengers, especially when traveling for the first time, become super anxious as they think of what is going to happen once they arrive at their destination and how things will go. As for you, if you are not into books, take a nap or watch something.

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Lining up

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Well, this is not something for which you will be personally blamed. According to experts’ professional opinions, it is the airlines which are supposed to blame instead of passengers. Even if they offer cheap airfares, they in return make you go through the worse airport procedures.

They require extra charge for passengers’ checked bags and allow free carry-ons. People line up after arriving early so that they will ensure having a little overhead space where to place the carry-ons.

Therefore, passengers are not to blame at all for lining up. If you think this through, you would consider road trips as a better option. But, maybe, if you book the best flights with the help of your travel booking agent, you will enjoy the journey to your destination.

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Being barefoot

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The idea of spending 5 or 4 days in a remote destination, waking up in shiny mornings in luxury vacation rentals is just tempting. Everyone wants to make their adventure travel worthwhile as good memorable moments that only their travel journal can tell us about.

Another habit you need to quit on your way to your destination aboard planes is airing your feet. This is a very rude act that reflects the lack of consideration and respect for your neighboring passengers.

On top of this, having loose shoes during takeoff and landing is dangerous as well; imagine your high heels ending up on someone’s face. If, according to your culture, barefoot is something normal, take into account the fact that not everyone has the same cultural background.

So are you convinced now that you should quit such habits? If you are, it is time to dig for some great discount flights on good flight websites.

Don’t forget the booking of your hotel room; by the way, avoid last minute hotel rooms found on hotel search sites because the offered services are not satisfactory as expected.

PS: make sure you buy travel insurance before taking off!

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