Here Is How To Travel Safe Internationally

Are you traveling out of the country any time sooner? Are you sure you got everything ready, and you are poised to kick off the journey and travel experience abroad?

First and for most, you have to conclude the procedures of flight reservation, find the convenient flight and hotel deals and call your travel booking agent for taking extra measures. Still, this is not the end of international trip planning.

Once you book your flight, you need to compile an international travel checklist in which you should include few extra tips and details you need to consider before getting to the airport. Some travelers underestimate the consideration of such traveling-abroad-tips.

They eventually realize that they should have taken into account those tips before hitting the road. In fact, you have to consider some of those details before setting about your air travel experience or boarding the plane. So here is how to plan for your international trip safely and properly!


#1 – Your pass and visa must be up-to-date


We don’t think that you need an international trip planner to tell you that you cannot cross the national borders legally without an up-to-date passport and visa. Check your passport status! Does it have more time before expiration?

If your visa and passport are about to expire, get passport and visa services immediately even before booking your low-cost airlines’ tickets. You are probably wondering about how to get a passport, right?

Well, we’d say that you should start by filling in a passport renewal form. The application of passport renewal takes about 6 weeks of processing.

You could pay extra fees to get your new passport in three weeks or so. (Before kicking off your road trips or air travel experience, make a copy of your passport and visa papers and place them in a different spot).

#2 – Take a look at travel advisories and warnings


How to travel internationally safely without any troubles? This is the first and most important question that you should ponder upon in the course of planning for your international trip. Finding an active vacation package turns out to be not the only thing you should consider.

Before heading to the airport, even before booking your flight tickets on travel booking websites, check the official page of the State Department, Usually, you can find there a list of travel warnings or alerts regarding the destinations where travelers can be exposed to a number of dangers that threaten their safety.

Your travel insurance policy cannot cover anything that happens in case you travel to a destination classified under the travel warning list. Check also the list of travel advisories.

#3 – Fill in your prescriptions and get your vaccinations


Don’t get too excited once you find cheap international trips offers! You still have to take care of few things in your homeland before you take off.

First, you need to visit the official website of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to access information concerning the types of vaccinations you should have according to the chosen destination.

Such vaccinations should be received 6 weeks before taking off. The website of CDC provides also information on any risk your health may be subject to as a result of the consumption of food or water in your travel destination.

If you have any specific medical prescriptions, fill them and make copies of them before heading to the airport.

#4 – Make sure you register your international trip


So how is your international trip planning going so far? Have you found any cheap plane tickets or reserved any special tours under the guidance of private guides?

Well, if you already have, there is one more thing you should do which is registering your international trip, especially if you are traveling to a remote spot or a place other than industrial countries.

Visit the official website of the U.S Department of State to register your travel itinerary. This is a good precautionary measure which will come of use and let you enjoy a safe travel experience. If an emergency occurs in your destination, the U.S government would trace down your location.

#5 – Make sure your wallet is stocked


To travel safe, you need to keep money within your reach and spend it wisely. Your wallet should contain two or preferably one credit card for use during your stay in your destination.

It is also important that you equip the issuers with information about your travel destinations. If you want to avoid the issue of having your card denied, informing the issuers is essential. You should also bear in mind that traveler’s checks are not recognized universally now.

Therefore, the use of bank cards is advisable when you want to withdraw cash. You may have to do this every now and then throughout your adventure travel experience, so it is safer to learn your PIN by heart.

#6 – Purchase a travel insurance policy


Most people don’t think seriously about purchasing an insurance policy. They think that keeping travel insurance and an emergency medical care plan in hand is useless, which is not correct.

Note that your normal health insurance will not cover any emergency conditions during your travel and in your destination.

Study your vacation destination thoroughly and pick your medical insurance plan accordingly. Moreover, if you have booked your plane ticket in advance, expect any announced flight cancelation at any moment.

But if you have a travel insurance policy, you are lucky to be on the safe side. See now why you should not underestimate travel insurance policies during international trips?

#7 – Pack your travel luggage wisely


When traveling abroad, go lightly with light travel luggage but return loaded with heavy cultural experiences! So when packing for your next international trip, make sure you keep your bags as light as possible. Preferably, valuables must not be packed in your bags.

If you really have to carry them with you, don’t ever place them in your checked luggage because the latter might get lost. The carry-on is the preferable spot where valuables should be kept.

Upon your arrival at the hotel, place them in the latter’s safe. As for clothes, remember that you are not going to participate in project runway, so pack only the clothes you really need!

We wish you a joyful and enjoyable international trip! If you have any further questions or tips, you are invited to share them below in the comments!



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