How You Can Easily Fall Asleep On A Plane!

Last Updated on January 10, 2020

For some people, falling asleep during a plane journey might seem an impossible task. We understand that perfectly: there is constant rattling coming from the airplane, the flight can be extremely bumpy due to turbulence and adverse atmospheric conditions, and the seats are not the most comfortable thing to sleep on (you can’t even stretch your legs or get proper support to rest your head).

Staying awake during an entire long-haul flight can be exasperating. Between one or two small walks along the narrow corridor to restore circulation, a trip to the bathroom, and playing a few Candy Crush levels before you run out of lives, you might find yourself with nothing to do for hours.

However, when you have to travel by plane dozens of times a year, you might realize that there are a few things you can do to comfortably sleep on a plane – even if it is only during a small part of the trip. We have gathered7tips for sleeping on a plane from frequent flyers that will surely help you the next time you catch a flight.


#1 – Don’t Drink Caffeine Nor Alcohol

It is very tempting to sit down at an airport coffee shop while waiting to board a flight. But if you plan on sleeping during your flight, you might want to skip this caffeine intake – especially if you are particularly sensitive to this stimulant.

The same principle can be applied to alcohol. Some people like to consume alcohol on planes but, it will definitely make it a lot harder to sleep for a considerable number of hours, even if drinking usually makes you very sleepy. Drinking will dehydrate your body and have you constantly visiting the bathroom.

Additional tip: be careful with what you eat before entering the airplane. Opt for a light meal to prevent feeling bloated during the flight.

#2 – Travel sleeping kit

Buying your own airplane sleeping kit and bringing it every time you board on a plane is the best way to ensure you have the comfort needed to fall asleep peacefully, and that you won’t wake up with excruciating back and neck pain.



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