The Best Ways To Keep Your Belongings Safe When You Travel

When traveling to a new destination, we tend to be a little too excited to care enough for our belongings, especially if we flew to a bucket-list destination. Thieves are extremely aware of that, which is why they don’t use as many smart tricks when stealing something from a tourist.

Unfortunately, we can be at risk of having our stuff stolen in any corner around the globe, and with that in mind, we have to increase our level of awareness. The police statistics have found that over 6,000 thefts per day were committed in the gorgeous Barcelona alone, which is a very scary number!

So since we don’t really want to end up left in the strange country with no money or documents, we have to follow a few simple rules to guarantee a great vacation and a fantastic time anywhere in the world.


Pick the right floor in the hotel

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Many people don’t really care about the floor where their hotel room would be. They mostly depend on the view, the room, and the price. But according to security experts, you need to pay attention to the floor as well, and it is best to be on the 3rd to 6th floors.

Burglars will find it easy to go in and out of your room when it is in a lower or extremely higher floor. So settle for the best and book your hotel room in the middle of the building where all your money, clothes, jewelry would be safe. Plus, you will still be getting a nice view, and most definitely, a beautiful room.

Be careful when it comes to details

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Just like you do at home, be careful before you leave your hotel room. Check if the balcony and windows are perfectly locked, as well as the door.

For centuries, thieves have been using the method of jumping into the room from balconies and windows, so we have to be a lot more aware when it comes to it.

You may decide to leave one of them open so enough air and sunshine would purify the room during your absence, but that’s not very a good idea. Keep in mind that thieves from all around the globe know exactly how to break in, so pay attention to this detail.

If you don’t really feel secure about the neighborhood where your hotel is, then you probably would want to close them, even when you are in the room.

Outwit the burglars

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You should expect more robberies to happen when you are outside your hotel room, discovering the city and sunbathing on the beach. Be sure that the thieves would definitely be keeping an eye on your balcony room and at you till you leave the hotel. They have extreme confidence that you will not be back anytime soon as they claim all of your belongings.

Here is a trick that could fool them: You should create an illusion that someone is there in the room. For example, you can put the Do Not Disturb sign outside your door and leave the TV on. The thief will not risk getting into the room then.

Use a security sound alarm

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If you are going to spend the night at a public place like a railway station or a waiting area, then setting a security sound alarm is highly recommended.

These alarms would usually make a loud noise when someone tries to take your belongings, which is perfect to make you alert and scare the burglars off. Just make sure to not touch the backpack when you sleep in order not to get a false alarm that would freak you out, along with the people around you.

If you tend to keep your expensive belongings in your backpack, even in a hotel room, then you should still keep the alarm on because thieves would not want to be caught running with a ringing backpack.

Avoid using the safe in the hotel room

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Basically, every hotel room has Safes that are so-called administrator’s mode. If you tried to make your own personal password, the safe will open if anyone entered the code 999999. So, your personal password would actually be useless.

This method has been applied by the hotel in order to help those who may forget the password they have put in.

So if you want your belongings to be completely safe, you should not use these cases. Instead, you can keep them at the reception desk. If you are not comfortable with that option, check if the safe would be open after entering the 999999 code.



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