This is a List of the 10 Things You Need to Check for upon Entering Your Hotel Room

Last Updated on September 12, 2019

Travelers shouldn’t just go into their hotel rooms and be done with it. That is bad judgment, my friend! You should in no way act as they do. Booking a hotel room requires money, and if you are not going to get your money’s worth, then why should you bother at all?

Travelling was meant for people to allow them to relax, not be stressed about their hotel room not having a comfortable bed or enough toiletries.

Your travel agency will not have a guidebook warning you about making sure that your hotel room is convenient for you; nor will your travel agent—that friendly guy the agency appointed just for you—will bother to draw your attention to any of that.

For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to put together for you a list of things you need to check for as soon as you step foot inside your hotel room. Read through, therefore, to learn about these 10 things!


#1 – Location


The best hotels are those with the best location in the city. Therefore, when you’re in the process of finding your hotel room and trying to book the best room for you, make sure that it is in a strategic location.

It’s even better to pick your location first and your hotel second; not the other way around. You’ll reap the benefits of such a decision when you go sightseeing and find public transportation close to you.

#2 – Safety

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Safety first—always! If you don’t follow that rule during your travels, then you might want to take a step back, relax, and reconsider your choices. Cheap hotel rooms are more likely to be located in the unsafe areas of the city to which you’re traveling.

If you really want to book that cheap hotel room, because your budget does not allow for anything other than that, then you need to research the area in which the hotel is located extensively and make sure that it is safe.

#3 – Caulking

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That is a weird word to say, but you don’t have to say the word when you’re checking it, so hear us out! Upon entering your hotel room, you need to go to where the shower is and and look into the caulking. You need to make sure that the caulking is clean and well-kept.

Moreover, it is important that you make sure that there isn’t any mold around. If you’re allergic, that’s a red flag! Cheap hotel rooms are more likely to have these kinds of shortcomings, so be careful.

#4 – Toiletries

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We have become very dependent upon our toiletries; we need them to keep our bodies clean and well-kept. However, oftentimes, we forget to buy travel-size toiletries.

If you happen to find yourself in this situation, you need to check your hotel for toiletries as soon as you arrive and ask them to replace anything that might have already been used. You will most likely find that cream rinse is missing, so check for that!

#5 – Uninvited Guests

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These uninvited guests are always very tiny, annoying and vicious. Even the best hotels in the world can have bed bugs, something you would normally expect to happen only in cheap hotels!

Bed bugs are sometimes left behind when a guest brings them with him or her, and it is rare that the hotel does anything about it. Therefore, it is left to you to check for any bed bugs and ask the hotel staff to give you another room that is not infested.

#6 – Water


Well, this one is a given! You need water during your stay, so you better check for water as soon as you enter your hotel room. You will need bottled water for brushing your teeth, washing your face and for drinking, of course.

If you don’t find any water inside your room, ask them to bring you some. If, however, they do not provide free bottled water, then go and buy the amount you’ll need during your stay from a vending machine or from a nearby store.

#7 – Coffee

©Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa

However, only if you drink coffee, of course! Your hotel will probably provide coffee, but it will probably be some cheap kind of coffee that will not satisfy you.

It is recommended, therefore, that you take some coffee bags with you, which you can then use like tea bags. This way you can get your daily dose of caffeine very easily and without any trouble at all. Everyone in the hotel will appreciate your good mood.

#8 – The Bed


It is the most essential necessity in the hotel room! It’s the reason, really, why you booked that hotel room in the first place—to have a bed on which to sleep. Cheap hotels will probably have low-quality beds, yet they are not the worst.

If you notice anything off with your bed, you should head to the front desk and ask them to change it for you or give you another room. Just make sure you ask them nicely.

#9 – How Do Things Function?


If you are going to stay in a hotel room, you need to know how to use the things included inside that room—the TV, the alarm clock, among other things. Flipping through the different channels on the TV or setting the alarm clock for the morning can be very mindboggling sometimes.

So make sure that you ask the staff in your hotels for all the necessary instructions. They are mostly very accommodating.

#10 – Are There Any Shops?


You are very likely to forget something; for that reason, you would need to have access to some onsite shops to stack up on anything that you’re missing. Hotel booking sites are not likely to tell you about the presence, or lack thereof, of onsite shops.

Therefore, you might want to do some extra digging and see if the best hotel deal you have is really that good. Always book hotels wisely and intelligently!

Booking hotels is not that straightforward. It seems, moreover, that check-in into a hotel and making sure that everything is fine with your hotel room is not that straight forward either.

We have tried in our travel blog to give an idea about the things that you need to check for as soon as you arrive at your room. We hope they prove useful for your next hotel stay!
Before you go, tell us in the comments below about the things that you always find missing in your hotel room.



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