This Is a List of the 12 Things You Need to Avoid Before Your Flight

Last Updated on August 29, 2019

Airports are overwhelming to an experienced traveler, let alone a first-timer. Mistakes are bound to happen, either because of negligence on the part of the traveler or from sheer lack of experience. To board your flight successfully, you need to avoid some mistakes that can put you behind or maybe cause you to miss your flight entirely.

This article is more for the inexperienced than it is for the experienced. However, you should read through, however knowledgeable you might be about flights and airports; you might find one or two pieces of advice that will help you travel to your destination with no troubles.

So get your flight ticket ready and read about these 12 things that you need to avoid each time you have a flight waiting for you. Don’t be the one whose mistakes turned his or her flight into a last-minute flight!

Not Putting Documents in Your Carryon Bag


If you don’t put your essential documents into your carryon bag and instead choose to dedicate a small bag just for them, you will increase the chances of you losing them.

We know that it is more convenient to have them all in one separate bag; however, you forget that the more bags you carry, the more confusion you will be in. You could easily leave the small bag in a taxi or on a chair at the airport. Be consistent; use one bag!

Forgetting to Show Up Early in the Airport

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Getting to the airport in advance is essential. You will have to perform your check-in and go through airport security. All of that takes time, especially if the airport is crowded. Plan your trip to the airport in advance. Don’t leave anything for chance.

If you’re the bus company in your city has a special line for the airport, make sure to use that. If for some reason that line got canceled, call an Uber, but do it early.

Failing to Manage Time


Showing up at the airport early is important, but showing up there very early can leave you feeling bored. The recommended window is to show up 2 to 3 hours before boarding time; however, that in itself can be excessive if the airport isn’t crowded on the day of your flight.

The best solution to this enigma is to use a trusted flights app. These apps work by informing you about the exact boarding time, allowing you to neither very early nor late.

Failing to Check-in Online


When you complete your booking on some flights booking site, oftentimes they will inform you about the possibility of performing an online check-in at your airline’s website. This helps airlines save money on employees, and it helps you save time.

For your next flight, therefore, check if your airline provides online check-in and do it. Your future self will thank you once you make it to the airport and go straight to the airport security check.

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Sleeping at the Airport


You might be tempted to spend the night at the airport, but you would be doing your back a disservice. Airport chairs aren’t the best places for one to sleep on.

Moreover, the noise at the airport will not allow you to get the sleep you so desperately need. You will wake up with a headache and a destroyed body. Consider, instead, paying for a spot at the departure lounge.

Paying the Fee for Overweight


Airlines are very strict about baggage weight; moreover, they don’t miss the chance of taking your money if you show up with an overweight bag. To avoid this, make sure that you weigh all of your bags at home and that you leave some room for error.

Don’t leave a chance for indecision when you’re at the check-in area: they will either ask you to pay a fee or empty your bag from anything that is driving it to exceed the weight limit.

Wrapping your Suitcases Without Thinking

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Wrapping the suitcases gives you a sense of finality. It leaves you feeling that every step has been taken and that you only need to board the plane. We agree with you! However, if you forget some important thing inside—your passport, for example—what will you do then?

Are you going to rip the packaging open? Of course, you will; and it will be time-consuming to wrap it again. Therefore, make sure that everything you’ll need during and after your flight is in your carrying bag before you wrap your luggage.

Going for the First Two Security Checkpoints

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Many people do this by instinct. However, that is wrong to do. The first two security checkpoints always have long lines and a lot of confusion is involved, which could lead you to leave a thing or two behind.

As a countermeasure, try going for the security checkpoints that are further down the line. They tend to be less crowded and the chance of you losing something thin down considerably.

Putting Liquid in Your Carryon Bag

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It is a well-known airport security rule that you shouldn’t put more than the allowed amount of liquids in your carryon bag. The total amount of liquid in your carryon bag should not exceed 33 ounces (or 1 liter).

People often forget this and keep people waiting in line for them to sort out the issue with airport security. Don’t let people be angry with you over something that could have been easily avoided!

Resting After Passing Security

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Going through security is a tiring experience. Therefore, you find yourself tempted to check out shops or eat at a small restaurant. However, you could easily lose track of time and end up missing your flight.

Instead, you should search for your gate as soon as you pass through security, and sit down to wait for your flight. If you’re afraid that you might get bored, take a book with you!

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Eating Unconventional Meals before Boarding

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Traveling to other destinations means that you have to try the local dishes. We agree, and we would do the same thing.

However, you should never put any exotic foods inside your stomach before your flight, especially if it’s a long one. Your flight can be ruined by stomach problems, which will keep you in and out of the toilet throughout the flight. If you’re enthusiastic about the food, try it 10 hours before the flight, not 2.



It is very likely that your time at the airport and inside the plane will go smoothly and that you will not encounter any problems. Then, why should you panic? However, bad things happen all the time, which calls for some panicking; but you shouldn’t panic either.

In these situations, panicking will only hinder your cognitive abilities and won’t solve anything. Breathe slowly and look for people who work at the airport that can help you.

We’re glad you’ve reached this point in the article. Now you know about the 12 things to avoid before you board your flight. Now you will be ready for the flight to New York for which you’ve been waiting for a long time. And if you’ve got your hands on a cheap flight to Las Vegas, then you will arrive there looking, and feeling, like a champ!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about your worst airport experience and how you overcame the confusion that ensued.

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