This is What You Need Not Do in These Countries

Travelling is not always a straightforward matter. Your travel agent will set you up nicely with some nice travel deals to your favorite travel destination, such as China, France, or Thailand, but he or she will mostly neglect to inform you about how you should behave once you arrive at your chosen destination.

Because let’s face it—not all cultures are the same, and that which you deem proper behavior is not to other people in other countries. For this reason, you need to show some caution. However, do not worry! In this article, we are going to tell you about the things that you should not do in 10 very famous world destinations.

This is a sort of travel guide that deals with the acceptable and unacceptable forms of behavior while traveling, things your travel agency, the one with the tempting travel packages, will not bother to tell you about.


#1 – Russians Like Flowers in Odd Numbers

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Russia-bound travelers should know that the people of that country are not very big fans of even number—at least not when it comes to giving and accepting flowers. This practice is considered rude.

Therefore, if you want to treat someone to a nice bouquet of flowers, make sure that you count the flowers and that the total number of all of them makes up an odd number and not an even one.

#2 – No Eye Contact in China


It might be acceptable in other parts to the world to exchange eye contact with people, but this practice is not acceptable in China. Therefore, people who are planning China as a travel destination should keep this in mind.

Eye contact in this huge country is understood by many as a sign of disrespect and it is not tolerable at all. China traveling guides should include this tip for people who don’t know about it!!

#3 – Be Respectful Towards Thailand’s Royal Family

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Thailand is a great destination; however, every person who goes there should be very careful not to disrespect the ruling family in the country, the Chakri dynasty.

If you want to travel Thailand, therefore, you should make sure that you show the utmost respect to the king and his family; otherwise, you could get arrested if you make some ill-humored jokes or step on the money, which holds portraits of the Royal Family. Add this to the list in that Thailand travel guide.

#4 – Don’t Mention Church in Norway


If you are considering traveling to Norway, make sure that you keep this rule about church in mind. Never go about asking people whether they go to church or not—that’s rude, invasive, and downright unacceptable by the people.

We don’t know if Norway travel guides include this fact, but only a few people in Norway do actually go to church. Therefore, avoid mentioning something that will give you the looks from people.

#5 – No Shoes Inside Indian Temples and Homes

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The sanctity of Indian temples and homes is closely guarded by the people of India, and you should follow their suit and be respectful as well.

This means that, if you want to enjoy some India travel, you need to remove your shoes whenever the opportunity of going into someone’s home or a temple presents itself. Keep this in mind for your next trip to India and be careful lest you be disrespectful!!

#6 – No Early Happy Birthday Wishes In Germany

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Here is one of the many Germany traveling tips that you could get—never wish a German a happy birthday before their actual date of birth arrives. This one is a kind of superstition among Germans and you should do well not to annoy them. Therefore, keep this in mind if you plan to travel to Germany anytime soon. When this happens, Germans start fearing bad luck, so don’t stress them out.

#7 – Don’t Kiss in the UAE


It’s okay to be madly in love with your partner, just don’t go about kissing them in public inside the United Arab Emirates, because you could get yourself in trouble as this kind of behavior is not acceptable in that country.

Therefore, keep this in mind when you’re traveling to the UAE—or any other Arab country, for that matter. Kissing in public is frowned upon in the Middle East and countries of North Africa.

#8 – No Pets In Singapore


Singapore traveling guides mention that it is not allowed to bring some dog breeds into the country, especially those that are considered dangerous, such as Akitas, tosas, and pit bulls.

Other less dangerous dogs are surrounded by many rules that make bringing them in with you a hassle. Therefore, if you are considering bringing a dog with you while traveling to Thailand, think twice! Otherwise, you could be very disappointed.

#9 – No Jaywalking In America


Jaywalking is a dangerous practice. Jaywalkers could get hit by a car really easily and that could mean trouble for them and for the car owner. Jaywalking in Texas, for example, is outlawed and it could get you in trouble with the authorities.

Not only in Texas, but in the whole of the United States, you should avoid jaywalking. This remains true even if the road is completely empty. Stay safe!

#10 – Don’t Order Just One Course in a French Restaurant


If you are considering traveling to France, you might have noticed that those France travel guided are abundant with praises for the French cuisine. French people take a lot of pride in their cooking and they like people to show their interest and appreciation.

Therefore, if you decide to eat at a French restaurant, don’t limit yourself to just one meal. Make sure that you order more than one to try as many courses as possible.

This is how to travel the world! Don’t just pack your travel bag and head for your destination. Make sure that you put in a little effort in researching the culture of your destination and make a list of things that are not acceptable to the people there.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever done one of these mistakes in the countries that are mentioned in this article.



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