This Is What You Should Never State In The Presence of A Hotel Employee

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Dear travel lovers, here we come again with a bouquet of new tips to make your travel journey smoother and easier! We used to say that summer is around the corner, but it is autumn that is approaching. No worries though, for each season comes with its sense and flavor of vacations.

Flight reservation and stays at luxury vacation rentals are with past wishes which are easy to realize now. All you need is a clear travel plan for your destination. If you are confused about where to begin from and how you can seek the assistance of a travel booking agent.

Let us suppose that you managed to find super cheap plane tickets, bought a travel insurance policy and booked your hotel room, what comes next? Flying obviously comes next, then arriving at your destination and checking into the hotel.

Regarding this very last detail ‘hotel check-in’, after finding the proper hotel deal on hotel search sites, you have specific timing to check-in. In the course of this, there are few things that you should never tell a hotel employee. Keep reading to find out more.


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‘Is there a meeting spot or a banquet room where our children can play?’


We hope that by this stage, you will have found promo flights and booked your plane ticket. If you opt for cheap hotel rooms, the expected level of offered luxury should not be that high. If you want to enjoy a relatively luxurious stay at hotels, pick affordable hotel deals.

If you are traveling with your kids, you are the only one responsible for them. If you got used to going to restaurants with banquet rooms to leave your kids in the latter, then you’d better forget about doing the same thing for hotels.

There are plenty of hotels with banquet rooms, but it does not mean that you can ask a hotel employee to take care of your kids in the banquet room.

We understand that you are on vacation, but hotel employees are not babysitters. If you don’t keep an eye on your little buddies, the hotel can report the police and make you pay $1,000.



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