This Is What You Should Never State In The Presence of A Hotel Employee

Dear travel lovers, here we come again with a bouquet of new tips to make your travel journey smoother and easier! We used to say that summer is around the corner, but it is autumn that is approaching. No worries though, for each season comes with its sense and flavor of vacations.

Flight reservation and stays at luxury vacation rentals are with past wishes which are easy to realize now. All you need is a clear travel plan for your destination. If you are confused about where to begin from and how you can seek the assistance of a travel booking agent.

Let us suppose that you managed to find super cheap plane tickets, bought a travel insurance policy and booked your hotel room, what comes next? Flying obviously comes next, then arriving at your destination and checking into the hotel.

Regarding this very last detail ‘hotel check-in’, after finding the proper hotel deal on hotel search sites, you have specific timing to check-in. In the course of this, there are few things that you should never tell a hotel employee. Keep reading to find out more.


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‘Is there a meeting spot or a banquet room where our children can play?’


We hope that by this stage, you will have found promo flights and booked your plane ticket. If you opt for cheap hotel rooms, the expected level of offered luxury should not be that high. If you want to enjoy a relatively luxurious stay at hotels, pick affordable hotel deals.

If you are traveling with your kids, you are the only one responsible for them. If you got used to going to restaurants with banquet rooms to leave your kids in the latter, then you’d better forget about doing the same thing for hotels.

There are plenty of hotels with banquet rooms, but it does not mean that you can ask a hotel employee to take care of your kids in the banquet room.

We understand that you are on vacation, but hotel employees are not babysitters. If you don’t keep an eye on your little buddies, the hotel can report the police and make you pay $1,000.

‘I always stay here when I am in town’


Travel journeys are cultural experiences through which we grow up, see the world from a wider perspective and change for the better. In the course of planning for your lifetime journey, looking for flight and hotel deals is inevitable.

If you manage to reserve your hotel room, there are few things to keep in mind when checking into your hotel like telling a hotel employee that you always stay in the hotel when you are in town.

Mistakenly, many people think that once they say this, they will get some sort of special treatment or bonus. The truth is that hotel employees are quite familiar with this sort of manipulative phrases. They have records of everything, and they are quite aware of their regular clients.

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‘Can the hotel’s airport shuttle take us to where we want?’

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Here is a thing: if you love road trips, then go get yourself a rental car or something instead of inquiring about the hotel’s airport shuttle service. Many travelers think that all hotels offer private guides and transportation services, whereas it is not true.

Besides, the airport shuttle is restrictively and mostly reserved for people who asked for airport assistance upon their arrival at their destination.

In fact, addressing a hotel employee and asking questions like ‘can the hotel’s airport shuttle take us to where we want?’ is regarded as a rude request to make. If you want to tour the town and buy souvenirs, get a personal car service.

‘I have not used any cigarettes to smoke in the hotel room’


It does not matter whether you book a double room hotel or single room hotel, some hotels have strict rules regarding smoking. There are hotels with smoking rooms, but they ban smoking inside the personal rooms of their guests.

Hotel employees don’t really like to disturb their guests, but if one of the latter smokes in his or her room despite the banning restrictions, s/he will be fined to pay $250.

Hotel employees are good at detecting the smokers, so don’t pretend you are not by saying things like: ‘I have not used any cigarettes to smoke in the hotel room’. If your cigarette’s smoke triggered the hotel’s smoke alarm, you will be in great trouble.

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‘As we put the ‘don’t disturb’ sign on the door maids won’t access the room right? ‘Or ‘do you take cash for hotel payment?’


This might not be specified in brochures of active vacation packages or regular traveling packages, but paying for your room in cash gives rise to suspicious questions. Hotel employees don’t care about how you got through your air travel, but they do need proof of who you are.

Paying with your credit card is one way to trace hotels’ guests. If you insist on paying in cash, and you exhibit worries over whether maids can access the room or not, then you are actually exposing yourself to alarming suspicions.

Hotel employees may get the impression that you hide something. They have full authority to access and search the room if they suspect anything.

‘What???!!! No rooms? Even for a rewards member like myself?’


It is really wise to log into travel booking websites online and run deep research on flight and hotel reservations. This way you will not end up spending a night or two in the airport once you arrive at your destination.

Your travel insurance may not really help you in such situations. If you are planning to book your hotel room upon arrival, then reconsider your decision. Some hotels get overbooked, or they don’t like to accept several guests given the way they treated the stuff last time.

If you think that you will get a room even when hotels are overbooked just because you are a rewards member, then you are wrong. Hotel employees will not simply kick a guest out of his or her to just be at your service, offering you a room to stay in.

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‘I am not obliged to unveil my government ID card to just benefit from the government rate’


If you are wondering about why you should unveil your government ID to get a government rate, then the reason is simply preventing you from benefiting from the privileges offered to governments’ officials.

It is their own reserved right. Usually, government employees are supposed to carry their ID papers. If you are a government official and would like to get a government rate, hotels’ policies are quite clear, present proof, and you will get what you want.

But don’t expect to anything if you walk in, claiming that you are a government employee yet carrying zero proving documents.

‘Oh! Goodness! Really?! We are going to pay for parking? It is silly!’


We know that you were quite excited about your low-cost airline tickets, but don’t expect to find everything cheap or free in your destination. This involves also parking at hotels.

Usually, when you pay for your hotel’s rate, the parking fees are included. If you are asked to pay again even though you did before, then you can protest. If the parking service is not included in the rate, you will have to pay.

Just deal with this as if you are going to use the street’s meter. Paying for the parking service is a part of hotels’ policies, so you cannot do anything about it.

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‘Can you get a bucket of ice for me?’


Hotels pay attention to every minor and major detail in the guests’ rooms. They provide the guests with everything they need from bathroom’s towels to the ice bucket in case they want to enjoy having a cold drink (juice or the likes).

Some guests may not be quite satisfied with their stay at the hotel to the extent of asking for something they already have in their rooms.

This is, on one hand, an underestimation of the hotel employees’ efforts and is one the other hand pointless. Such guests are often impolite and lazy. If they are to return to the same hotel next time, the hotel will likely refuse to accommodate them given their unbearable and rude behaviors during their previous stays.

In order to avoid destroying your adventure travel, make sure you never address the above-mentioned phrases and questions to hotel employees.

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