Top 7 US Cities To Move To If You Want A Stress-Free Life!

Last Updated on November 11, 2020

Stress is considered the number one enemy of modern times, as it can turn people’s lives completely upside down. And this is reflected in terms of work, family, and health, leading to numerous health problems such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart attacks, and many other diseases.

However, there are several ways to combat stress, and one of the most effective is related to the city where you live. According to a study by House Method, there are extraordinary American cities that allow you to relieve stress so that you have a healthier and more balanced life.

What are the best cities to relax in the US? That’s what we’re going to show you next when we present to you the top 7 best U.S. cities to live to reduce stress!

1. Anaheim, California – The Happiest Place on Earth

Anaheim, California, is one of the best cities to travel to in the US, as it is known to be the happiest place on Earth. Not only is it home to Disneyland, but it also has countless theme parks and magnificent beaches of Orange County. And that could be the dose of fun and adrenaline that your life needs.

In addition to all the fun activities you can do in parks and beaches, you and your family can also visit the Anaheim Packing District, Center Street Promenade, Muzeo Museum, and Cultural Center and many other city attractions.

For those with children, the city of Anaheim is undoubtedly one of the best American cities to live in.

2. Oakland, California – A Place of Serenity by the San Francisco Bay

Another one of the least stressed cities in America is Oakland, in Alameda County. It is one of the largest cities in California, located next to San Francisco Bay, and attracts thousands of tourists and families to live throughout the year.

Although not as big as the major cities in the state of California, such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the city of Oakland offers you many fantastic relaxation programs.

You can spend the day taking an incredible walk through the mountains, on the beach, or even at the Oakland zoo, among many other tourist attractions. Also, it is a stress-free city, which makes people feel more comfortable and safe to live there.

3. Jersey City, New Jersey – To See the Sunset on the Hudson River

Jersey City is the second-most populous city in the state of New Jersey and one of the best travel destinations for those looking for a quiet, urban and eclectic location. Situated by the Hudson River and less than a kilometer from New York City, in Jersey City, you can find several landmarks and unique parks.

Do not miss out on the Liberty State Park, Empty Sky 911 Memorial, Island Beach State Park, Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, and many others. But you must watch the sunset on the Hudson River. There is no more relaxing experience that can restore stress levels. Take your family and find out for yourself.

4. Irvine, California – An Urban Location with Many Natural Spaces

Irvine is one of the beautiful cities in California where you can find a great quality of life. It is an urban and economic center with several natural spaces, which makes it visited by thousands of tourists every year.

This is one of the best US cities to visit, as it offers you several places to explore like the Irvine Spectrum Center and its Ferris wheel, Orange County Great Park, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Pretend City Children’s Museum, Newport Beach and many other favorite places, etc.

If you want to know how to reduce stress, this is an extraordinary place to live, as it will make you and your family feel immediate stress relief, considerably increasing your quality of life.

5. San Francisco, California – One of America’s Most Desirable Places

The city of San Francisco is located in California and is one of the most popular vacation destinations for all tourists in the world.

And there are several reasons for this to happen because the city is cosmopolitan, bold, eclectic, and quite different from the others. It was there that the hippie era, the gay movement, and the headquarters of great startups began, among other examples of success.

If you are planning a trip, you must book a trip to the city of San Francisco because there is no shortage of points of interest and tourist attractions that will stay in your memory forever.

Who doesn’t know the Golden Gate Bridge, the famous red bridge that crosses the entrance to San Francisco Bay, or Pier 39, Alcatraz Island Prison, Chinatown, Lombard Street, among many other extraordinary places.

It is no surprise that the best places for stress relief indeed include California because it is there that you find excitement, diversity, and tranquility. And for those looking for more effective stress management, this is fantastic because there is no other place in America that can give you that.

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota – To Reconcile the Bustle of the City with Natural Activities

The city of Minneapolis is the largest in the state of Minnesota. It stands out from the rest due to the beauty of its cityscapes (the grandeur of skyscrapers) and natural (the perfection and purity of St. Anthony Falls).

It is one of the best relaxing travel destinations you should do with your family because it offers you the possibility to recover your energy and get rid of all that stress and burnout that your profession can cause you.

This is one of the best places to live in the United States of America because it allows you to combine city life and urban sophistication with the tranquility of the outdoors. And for those who suffer from job burnout, among other more stressful conditions, there is no better option.

7. Madison, Wisconsin – The University Town Surrounded By Lakes

The city of Madison is the capital of the state of Wisconsin and is one of the fun cities that you must visit. It is known as the city of college football and is full of lakes, parks, museums, and numerous cultural activities.

If you’re a road trip fan, Madison must be one of your favorite destinations because it’s a unique and unrepeatable experience for you and your family. Hit the road because Madison is one of the best American cities to live with quality.

These are the top 7 best U.S. cities to live to reduce stress according to the study by House Method. Would you be willing to relocate to control or eliminate stress from your life? If you do, which American city will you choose? Share your opinion with us and tell us how you can deal with stress in your day-to-day.



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