7 Great Things To Do In The United States


Last Updated on February 8, 2021

You should get a plane ticket and book a hotel room online already for the upcoming spring and get busy discovering one of America’s greatest attractions. You can hike, explore the glacier, track the wolves, enjoy hot springs, and sleep under the stars. You wouldn’t wonder anymore about what things to do in the United States because there is too much to see in the Yellowstone National Park alone! 

4. America’s Giant, Alaska

Have you seen the movie “Into The Wild”? It’s telling a story of a young man who chose to leave everything behind and go live in Alaska. Perhaps you don’t want to do the same, but you may want to pay a visit and be in absolute awe of how gorgeous it is. If you are lucky and smart, you may get to see brown and grizzly bears safely.  Don’t sit in one place when there are too many things to do in the United States. You can go canoeing, rafting, and climbing. If it’s winter, then you can go watch the Northern Lights and experience dog sledding. 

5. The Everglades, Florida

There is a stereotype about Floridians and how crazy and weird they are, but that’s just a stereotype, and nothing should stop us from seeing the Everglades. It contains an important eco-system shelter of exotic wildlife where you can see great egrets, roseate spoonbills, pig frogs, dolphins, alligators, and sea turtles.  The things you can do in The Everglades are endless: you can hike, paddle a canoe, or take a naturalist-led boat tour. If you are on a good budget, you can rent a villa on Marco Island that is only 45 minutes away and have yourself a blast with the family.

6. The National Mall, Washington DC

Known as America’s Front Yard, the National Mall is a two-mile park between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol. You will get to witness history museums and top-class art where the entry is free!  You can also explore some moonrock at the National Air and Space Museum and be able to see the original Star-Spangled Banner in the National Museum of American History. Generally, if you are into politics and all that history, this is the place you are supposed to visit next.


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