8 Amazing Google Earth Virtual Tours You Can Do

Last Updated on February 4, 2021

3. This Is Home – Traditional Houses Around The World

This is Home is an extraordinary virtual tour that allows you to visit the traditional houses of different people that are spread around the world. You can enter a Moroccan house and learn about the habits and customs of the people who live there. You can also visit Casa do Cabelo in Jordan, which is in the middle of the desert, as well as accessing the interior of a home in Japan to appreciate its architecture and history, among many other options. In Google Earth travel, you can use Google Maps and even Google Street View for more details on these tours, which will enhance your travel experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

4. Life In The Ocean Deep – Discovery Of The Seabed

Who never wanted to find out what the depths of the seas hide? The treasures that can be found there, the diversity of marine life there and all kinds of sea creatures that we are only used to seeing on TV. And all this with the narration of Sir David Attenborough, one of the most beloved voices in the world. We are sure that this idea has already left you very excited and eager to start. Let’s go then. You can take several ocean tours in the depths of the oceans and get to know their natural sceneries. In this type of online travel, you can see jellies that glow in the dark, giant whales, and even the largest crabs in the world, among other marine animals of rare beauty.

5. Stop And Smell The Flowers – Famous Botanical Gardens And Arboretums

Stop and Smell the Flowers is one of the things to do on Google Earth that takes your senses to travel, namely sight and smell. And this is because you have the possibility to visit and know online the most famous botanical gardens and arboretums in the world. And this is an incredible trip that everyone should experience. This tour highlights a total of 11 unique locations from countries that are spread across the world. This includes Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia, and many others. All of them should be seen as fun activities for you to do with your family now that you are at home.



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