8 Important Luggage Secrets You Need to Know


Last Updated on March 28, 2018

God knows what your bag has to go through before it’s finally on the plane. It’s quite a long journey which starts right after you check in and wave your suitcase a goodbye.

Of course, It’s a journey you totally ignore. Have you ever asked yourself what really happens out there when baggage handlers load your bag and other people‘s bags into the airplane?

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#1 – Choose a bag with wheels

Choose a bag with wheels
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If you are worried about the safety of your bag and of the stuff you have inside it, then you’d better save yourself a headache and choose a bag with wheels instead.

A former baggage handler said that the process of loading bags into the airplane is a lot more comfortable and easy when the bags have four wheels. This way it can be pushed down the length of the plane. Therefore, stay safe from any damage.

Otherwise, it would be automatically thrown. This doesn’t mean that the baggage handler has bad intentions and really enjoys harming your bag. No not at all, it is just the only way they can guarantee your flight out on time.

So, make it easy for you, your bag, and for the baggage handler!


#2 – Avoid choosing a bag with flimsy attachments

Avoid choosing a bag with flimsy attachments
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What else do you expect when you have a bag that is over 50 pounds and has a flimsy handle but to be damaged. Strong Handles and four wheels are two things that can guarantee the safety of your bag when in the airport.

Aware of the long road that your bag has to take, you must completely avoid bags with thin and weak handles as they are most likely to break.

A baggage handler named Aaron William said that sometimes it happens that not only the wheels of the bag break as it accidentally hit the edge of the container door but also the handles break as well while he tries to lift the bag from the conveyer belt.

He adds saying that something alike happens once in every 300 bags. The best thing to do is insert in the straps of your bag. This way, they won’t get stuck on the conveyer belt while they travel throughout the airport.


#3 – Choose a hard-sided suitcase

Choose a hard-sided suitcase
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If you have asked any baggage handler before, you would have saved the money and the trouble to buy a new suitcase whenever you plan to travel. The reason why all your travel bags were damaged and are no longer useful is that you always purchase the wrong one.

A good suitcase according to an air baggage handler is the hard-sided one with wheels. Such suitcase normally causes no problem and can withstand the long journey and reach its destination safely.


#4 – ‘Fragile’ tag can go unnoticed

'Fragile' tag can go unnoticed
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Bags labeled with “Fragile” stickers and those without are both treated in the same way. Don’t expect the baggage handler to be gentle with your bag because it has stickers on it. Many times handlers don’t even notice them in the rush of loading bags unless it is an obvious shape.

This could only mean one thing, stickers are not very helpful and may not work as there is no telling whether the bag handler will ever see your bag’s fragile sticker especially in the midst of quickly and haphazardly loading the baggage into the plane.


#5 – Remove old tags

Remove old tags
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Don’t forget to remove any old tags in your bag. The only tag that should remain is the new one with your name and address. Bag handler doesn’t have the whole day to check which tag with the right new date and where it’s supposed to be going.

They only have one hour to figure out where all 800 bags are going. Imagine how confusing and torturing this can be, wrote a handler on Reddit.


#6 – Fill in the empty space

Fill in the empty space
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These tips can be very helpful to you. Make sure you memorize them so that next time you are packing you’ll know what should be done: Never ever leave an extra space empty in your bag.

Try to fill it with newspaper or bubble wrap. If you have bought any souvenirs, don’t hesitate to fill them with stuffing. Your bag is not going to set in a chair like you, it has to undergo quite a hard journey. Expect it to get jostled around a bit.


#7 – Lock your bag

Lock your bag
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Use a TSA lock to make sure that your bag doesn’t open by accident, says a baggage handler. Adding that there is no need to be worried and think your things will get stolen and agents will shuffle through them.

We are not thieves as the majority of people think.This idea is wrong and must be changed. The only reason why your bag opens up is that it’s overpacked and if you just think a little of what your bag goes through, you will understand why you find it open.


#8 – Save yourself the disaster

Save yourself the disaster
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According to an air baggage handler, the major reason behind the lost badge is the last minute check-in. Always go to the airport two hours prior to your flight and make sure you check-in your baggage early.

This way, your bag will have enough time to safely travel through the airport and reach the plane. Another reason could be when people transfer between flights which may lead your bag to load on into the wrong plane.



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