Here Are 9 Useful Tips That Lazy Travelers Will Love


Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Well, as the old saying, which I just made up, goes, if there were no lazy people in your life, then you are probably the lazy one. It is okay to feel lazy sometimes; especially when you are on your vacation and you want to relax on that lazy boy you have in the balcony or in the living room. However, in case you want to travel during your vacation, you just have to get off that chair.
Unfortunately, the airplanes don’t drive by your house, but until they do, you need to move a bit and uncheck all tasks on your traveling list. In this article, we will try to make your traveling experience a little bit better by showing you how to do some tedious and most boring things lazily. Moreover, you will learn that you can go through with your vacation or business trip and still feel like you are at your lazy days. So, If lazy is your mode and mood, you’ll enjoy this article.

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TSA Pre-Check

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So you paid for your health insurance and travel insurance, you used the best site to book hotel rooms, and all you want to do is to ride that plane and go on your vacation. But we all know the struggle of getting through TSA security and waiting in lines for long periods of time. This could be hard if you are a lazy person. That’s why you have the most convenient solution in your hand: apply for a TSA Pre-Check. With this service, you won’t have to take off your shoes, get rid of your liquids, or even take out your electronics.

Choose when to get on/off the plane

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One of the best hacks for lazy people while traveling is to let everyone else board before getting on the plane. Find a chair and relax and let other flyers wait in queues to board; however, this tip only works in case you don’t have any carry-on bags and you don’t need overhead space. When you arrive, spend some time on your smartphone and take a look at the social networks and watch passengers get off the plane. This way, you won’t have to wait for the long lines of people trying to deplane. In case you are not in a window seat, let your seatmates leave and go back to your place and chill.

Manage your packing

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We understand, on your lazy days, you just want to relax on your lazy boy chair and clear your mind. However, the ugly truth is that travelers need to make preparations. You need to take care of your credit card arrangements, find a good online travel agent, and do some website booking for your accommodation. All of these are rather easy tasks; you may only find problems when packing your luggage. Lazy people wish they can have a magic wand that will make their bags packed by themselves. Since we know that it will never happen, you may want to try some steps to make packing easier.
– Have an idea about your storage capacity.
– Make a list of what you are going to need.
– Take enough time thinking about the list, and you’ll spend less time packing.

Try room service

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You are on a vacation, and you have the adventurers’ spirit, so why not to go all the way? We understand that you spent many dollars on the airline industry and travel booking websites; however, what many people don’t know is that the prices of the meals you get at your room are basically the same as the ones in the hotel’s restaurants. Actually, there is a big chance they may have the same menu for you. So, if you are feeling too lazy to go to the restaurant, how about bringing the meals from the restaurant to you?

Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses

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After surviving long flights, you may feel too tired to do anything. That’s why having a pass for a shiny red Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses is a great way for lazy tourists to go around the city. These buses have too many advantages that will exempt you from a lot of trouble. For a start, they will take you on a tour in the most important landmarks and tourists’ attractions in the city. Furthermore, you’ll end up saving a lot of money for public transportation. Moreover, you’ll avoid being scammed, robbed, or God forbids, beaten when you are alone.

Unpacking toiletries kit

Some of the best online travel booking sites should provide you with affordable offers for some nice hotels. These hotels usually provide some of the things you will need in the bathroom. Therefore, when you arrive at the room, make sure you take a look at the bathroom before deciding whether or not to unpack your toiletries kit. Also, in case you are a regular traveler, try to use travel-sized containers for your shampoo and conditioner and all of the space-taking products. Then, simply refill the bottles when you run low on the bathroom kit. This way you’ll be satisfied to see your bag lighter.

All-inclusive resort

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If you have a good travel booking agent, he or she should make sure that you got the best deals out of the resorts. Some people may think that all-inclusive resorts are just ‘lazy’, but we consider them as relaxing places to enjoy moments worry-free. A lot of travelers will find it appealing to have unlimited foods and drinks brought to them while lying on the beach. All inclusive resorts mean that you won’t have to look for places where to eat, and how to organize events on your own; the resort will provide that for you in addition to other services.

Get a city pass

Many major cities around the world offer visitors the opportunity to visit the most famous landmarks and tourist attractions using a city pass. Depending on the type of the pass, you may have access to museums, public transportation, and tour buses. This is another way for lazy people to save up on their trip and use the additional money for other purposes. Moreover, the city pass will exempt you from wasting your valuable vacation time as well as from planning the trip. Many cities also offer different types of passes depending on the needs of their visitors.

Don’t Unpack Your Suitcase

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Professional packers know how and when to back their bags and when not to unpack them. Think about this, there are many items on our bag that we only need them when we are traveling, so why not to keep them in the bag? Keep things such as adapter, trekking backpack, and neck pillow on the suitcase until you need them again. This way you’ll save some storage capacity and don’t have to keep on looking for them when you want to travel again. Moreover, knowing that you don’t have to pack everything will make you motivated to unpack your bag.



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