10 Of The Best Hidden Beaches For All Budgets

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

New Zealand: Farewell Spit


If there is one place around the world that is known for under-the-radar beaches, then it is New Zealand for sure. Farewell Spit is 15.5-mile sand spit, which is the longest in New Zealand and is a highly protected nature sanctuary.

However, you can’t take with you any pets or vehicles, but that’s okay since you will have an opportunity to take in the breathtaking rocky landforms freely and exploring the hidden sand dunes. Plus, you will watch the seals, penguins, and over 90 bird species that consider this area home.

Kauai, Hawaii: kauapea Secret Beach


Hawaii is a very popular destination and it is where most American travelers go for their vacations all year round, which means it is almost hard to find your privacy in there, unless if you hiked to Kauapea Secret Beach.

This location can’t be reached by road, it will only take a brave heart to go through the lava-formed rocks, tidal pools, and picturesque waterfalls. The destination you will reach is 100% worth it, and it is guaranteed with beauty, your privacy, and safety!

Delaware, United States: Bethany Beach


If you still not interested to go to Hawaii because it is a beach vacation cliché, then it is a must to consider Delaware. Yes, it is the complete opposite, but it is definitely what you are looking for.

The American-style boardwalks and the sleepy vacation towns form The Quiet Resorts that help visitors satisfy all of their fishing and surfing desire with no disturbance. This place has only 350 residents when it is the off-season. But during the summer, the population becomes over 40,000. So, it is obvious when you should take that plane!

The Ionian Islands, Greece: Zakynthos


Greece is the dream destination of many people due to the rich history and unique architecture, but many of us would rather go there to enjoy a few days in a calm, gorgeous beach.

Zakynthos is not small; it is actually 157 square miles long. But still, tourists still haven’t discovered this area yet.



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