Read about 10 of the Biggest Fish Markets in the World

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Fish is a staple in many diets around the world. Some people, especially those who live close to the sea or the ocean (duh!), can seem to get enough of seafood. They eat it in their homes and find place in their stomachs to grab a bite at their favorite seafood restaurants as well. Moreover, when they find time, they go fishing themselves.

It is only natural, therefore, that you find dedicated fish markets or seafood markets in these places. These fresh fish markets provide fish enthusiasts with all sorts of fish that they can think of, the best fish to eats—small and big fish—and the ultimate source for Omega-3 fish oil.

In this article, we have put together a list of those “very” big fish markets around the world. If anyone of these fish markets is close to you, make sure that you visit it!

#1 – Taipei Fish Market

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This is one of the biggest fish markets in that massive country they call China. It is only natural for one of the biggest fish markets in the world to exist in China, as the Chinese are famous for having a cuisine that features a lot of dishes that are based on seafood.

You will find this big fish market in the Zhongshan District of Taipei; therefore, if you find yourself there and wanted to try some seafood, then you know where to buy fresh fish.

#2 – Aberdeen Seafood

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Always close to China, but this time in the autonomous region of Hong Kong. This fish market is called Aberdeen Seafood and it is located on an island.

Once you step in there, you will notice that the market offers a variety of seafood to choose from. The economy of Aberdeen is built on fishing, which means that if you travel there, you will find a lot of fishing boats scattered about trying to catch some fish.

#3 – Fulton Fish Market

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For now, we are going to leave the Far East and move instead to the United States of America; more specifically, to the concrete jungle—the city of New York.

You will find the Fulton Fish Market located in the Bronx. It is one of the biggest fish markets in the United States of America and was featured in a documentary about fish markets that the BBC produced.

#4 – Feskekorka


From New York, USA, we move to Europe. This fish market is located in Sweden, and it is one of the biggest indoor fish markets in the world. People who live in the vicinity of this fish market certainly have their fill of fish!

They can buy fresh fish whenever they feel the need to do so. The name of this fish market translates into English as Fish Church, because the building in which the fish market is placed resembles a Neo-Gothic Church.

#5 – Busan Cooperative Fish Market


If you don’t want to utter this mouthful, you can just say BCFM. As for us, we think that Busan Cooperative Fish Market has quite the ring to it! This fish market is located in South Korea in a city called Busan—hence the name!

Statistically speaking, the market is responsible for supplying 30% of the fish consumed by the whole country. You can only imagine, therefore, the sheer size of this fish market.

#6 – Hamburg Fish Market


This specific fish market is located in Germany; more specifically, in the famous city of Hamburg. You will want to visit this fish market if you are a lover of seafood—to be honest, you need to visit it however complicated your relationship with seafood is.

Granted, this fresh seafood market does not only sell fish (other food items are present as well); nevertheless, it is most famous for the variety of seafood it offers to fish enthusiasts.

#7 – Billingsgate Market


From fish boat to the Billingsgate Market—this fish market offers the freshest seafood you could wish for. It is located in the city of London and is managed by The City of London Cooperation.

If you are near and you want to check out this fish market, make sure that you organize your trip sometime between Tuesday and Saturday, as the fish market does not open on Mondays and Sundays.

#8 – Sydney Fish Market


This fish market is located all the way on a totally different continent—Australia. Sydney Fish Market is one of the biggest fish markets in the world. This particular fish market has an adjoining fishing port (fish boats and all).

Moreover, it serves both the needs of people who seek a wholesale fish market or those who seek a more particular seafood retail market. The wide variety of fish offered in this market will make you question your adopted manner of how to buy fish.

#9 – La Nueva Viga Market


The fish market in Mexico City is called La Nueva Viga Market, and it is one of the biggest fish markets in the world. This fish market was established because the old, traditional fish market that the city had in the 1990s proved to be incapable of meeting the demand that was constantly increasing at the time.

Therefore, it was seen fit that a new, bigger fish market be established inland from the coast.

#10 – Tsukiji Fish Market


Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, is the biggest fish in the world. Moreover, it is considered the biggest wholesale food market, as it has all varieties of foods offered for sale.

If you happen to be living in Tokyo, this Tokyo fish market is the nearest seafood market you can find where one can get one’s natural dose of some of the best fish oil and Omega-3. If you don’t live there, however, make sure that you visit it sometime in the future if you happen to be around Tokyo!

What you’ve finished reading was a list of the biggest fish markets around the world. If you happen to be anywhere near, you won’t have to buy a fishing boat (haha!) to get your fill of fish. A natural source of fish oil is only a drive away for most people who live close to these fish markets.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever visited any of the fish markets featured in this list.



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